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Carpet Cleaning Dublin


Carpet Cleaning Services


Have your carpets deep cleaned by the masters of carpet cleaning services in Dublin. After 12 years of carpet cleaning, we can guarantee you outstanding results for amazing prices. Even better, all our carpet cleaning shampoos are eco friendly or 100% natural (ask us about our green range)




1 bed apartment or house – carpet cleaning - 90 euro


2 bed apartment or house – carpet cleaning – 120 euro


3 bed apartment or house – carpet cleaning - 140 euro


4 bed apartment or house – carpet cleaning – 160 euro


***standard prices for standard properties. Bigger houses will cost more. Carpets in bad condition will take longer to clean so it will cost extra***


Commercial Carpet Cleaning – We will drop around & quote for free. Affordable prices guaranteed!




Sofa Cleaning Services


By using the best technology available and top of the range sofa cleaning products, we can guarantee you amazing results for very affordable prices. We can even clean your sofa with 100% organic sofa cleaning shampoos. Nook more than 5 items and receive better prices. Become our regular sofa cleaning customer and let us amaze you!


1 seat sofa cleaning – 20 euro


2 seat sofa cleaning – 40 euro


3 seat sofa cleaning – 60 euro


L shape sofa clean –  75 euro


Same prices apply for leather & fabric sofa cleaning. We are happy to contract commercial and domestic sofa cleaning services.




Rug Cleaning Services


Your antic rug needs to be treated with respect. Harsh chemicals or too much pressure can affect negative the fibre of your rug. Hire Rombis Cleaning right now and give your rugs a king treatment. We use only premium rug cleaning chemicals and equipment. Free estimates. Superb results guaranteed.

Small rug cleaning – 30 euro

Medium Rug Cleaning – 40 euro

Big Rug Cleaning – 60 euro


***we will come to your home. We do not provide rug cleaning services in our shop***



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