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Cleaners In Dublin

Cleaners In Dublin


If you are looking for cleaners in Dublin or if you are preparing for a big cleaning project you should definitely consider hiring the services of professional cleaning company that provides outstanding cleaning services for affordable prices. You are looking for a fully insured cleaning company, a company with a proven track record and great references. Bear in mind that most cleaning companies use powerful equipment and chemicals. You want to deal with the best ones.


Cleaners In Dublin – References


A professional cleaning company is like any private person. It has a date of birth, it has some time to grow and it has good and bad experiences. You are looking for a well established cleaning company with at least 5 years experience and with a long list of references listed on their website.


A professional cleaning company cannot have only good reviews. You are looking for a mixed list of reviews. Perfection does not exist within the cleaning industry. Bear in mind that most ex customers are expecting a great service and they rarely review the quality work which they were expecting. Most people will write a bad review in anger. There are cleaningcompanies out there with thousands of great projects completed but little reviews online besides a few bad ones.


Cleaners In Dublin – Equipment


You want your job done fast and with proper cleaning equipment. A scrubber dryer can wash 100 sq meter of floor per hour or 1000 square meter of floor per hour. A window cleaningpole can reach 20 feet high or 80 feet high. It all depends on the size of the company. If you are planning a big project, look for bigger cleaning companies that have the manpower and the equipment to undertake such projects. If you are planning a small project, hire your local cleaning company to avoid being ignored by the big lads.

In the cleaning industry, your equipment can make you or break you.


Cleaners In Dublin – Opening times


Before agreeing a rate check the opening times of the companies you are seeking quotes from. Some local cleaning companies only operate 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. For jobs out of these hours you might have to pay a premium. There are many industrial cleaning companies that are open 24/7.


Hire local cleaners in Dublin