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Office Cleaning Dublin

The recession has made people realise how much they were paying for their office cleaning

service. Big corporation have increased the prices of their cleaning services up to a point when

it become unaffordable. This type of corporation have acquired mortgages and very expensive

offices not expecting the recession to kick in so fast. They were in for a shock.

Rombis Cleaning ltd it has started developing right in 2010 in the middle of the worst recession

in the history of mankind. We had no intention of becoming a cheap office cleaning company

but instead we wanted to become good value for money. Our office cleaning services are easy

to be booked and our only aim is to keep our customer happy. We took in many contracts from

the old main cleaning contractors and in the past few years we have established a great brand

a great little company. We don’t want to become another contractor out there , we want to be

one of the best little office cleaning company in Dublin.

Our office cleaning staff is polite , efficient and always looking for new ways of getting better

and cheaper. We provide flexible payment options and we treat all our customers like a friend.

Our company is one of the most efficient office cleaning company in Ireland at this moment.

We buy all our office cleaning supplies in bulk to save money, we have cheap office and storage

rents and all this can be seen in our affordable

We are one stop office cleaning company. Hiring a company to clean your office , then hiring a

company to clean your windows , then hiring a company to clean your carpets , etc , it can be

very costly. We do all this services and we are only 1 email away. We provide cheaper rates to

all our regular office cleaning customers.

So why us?

-cheaper rates than our competition (we don’t have mad overheads)

-better cleaners than our competition

-24 hour opening times

-30 days credit – office cleaning customers only

-reply to all emails within 5 minutes

-free 24 hours phone line

What else can you ask?

Call us or email us today with your requirements and lets us see what can we do for you. We

provide free estimates so even if you have a good office cleaning company it won` hurt to find

out what kind of price we can do. Visit our office cleaning customer list in our website and then

contact any of our customers just to see what they think about us. If you still don’t want us to

clean your office then just save our contact for later. We will be here for a long time.

1800 848 700 014440146 0852892657