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Once Off Cleaning Services

Once Off Cleaning Dublin

Knowing what a once off cleaning job is, how long it should take, what is included, what companies are the best, how to pay for it, how to pick extra services is very helpful when you are planning to hire a professional cleaning company to do a big clean. There is a wealth of once off cleaning companies out there offering prices from 120 euro up to 1000 euro for 1 to 5 bed houses. But why such big differences in prices?

Once Off Cleaning - Franchises

There are a number of big house cleaning companies operating in Dublin. Some are 100% Irish owned while others are part of international franchises. When you hire a big franchise to clean your home you will pay a bit extra because, in most cases, they invest a lot in the training of their staff and cleaners to ensure their exacting standards are met, they use very expensive tools and materials and they are much more expensive to run. A franchise has to pay a monthly fee to their mother company. The fact that a big franchise charges you much more does not mean that they are better than your local company. They often just have higher starting costs which they need to cover.

Once Off Cleaning - Prices

Price is king. Paying cheap prices for high quality services is something which is very unlikely to happen in reality. Most cleaning companies have very high costs, crazy insurances, high JLC rates for the cleaners and mad advertising rates. All this will be charged to you through their rates.

1 bed house cleaning or apartment cleaning  will cost between 120 euro to 300 euro

2 bed house cleaning or apartment cleaning will cost between 140 euro to 350 euro

3 bed house cleaning or apartment cleaning will cost between 180 euro to 400 euro

4 bed house cleaning or apartment cleaning will cost between 220 euro to 500 euro

Bigger properties will cost more. Properties located in very high traffic areas will cost more. Properties with no parking will cost more. Properties in bad shape will cost more. Extra services will increase the price

Once Off Cleaning - Extra services

A standard once off cleaning package should include all your internal windows, all your floors, bathrooms, kitchen, all your bedrooms, living room area, the hall, full dusting, hoovering, disinfecting hard surfaces. Besides these standard cleaning services, you should have the option to add a few extra services such as:

Carpet Cleaning - your carpets will be vacuumed but will not be washed. If you are looking for a carpet shampooing you should expect to be charged at least 30 euro per bedroom, 45 euro per living room and 45 euro for stairs and landing. It would probably be cheaper to book a package deal if available so you should save up to 50% on the cost of having your carpets cleaned.

Floor Cleaning - your floors will be vacuumed and washed but some floors might require polishing or heavy duty cleaning. Deep floor cleaning and floor polishing are not included in a standard cleaning. You can expect to pay from about 3 euro per square meter up to 40 euro per square meter, depending on what type of floors you have. Marble floors & travertine floors always costs extra.

Oven Cleaning - The exterior of your cooker is included in your price but the interior is not. An oven cleaning job can take up to 2 hours and is very labour intensive. Most house cleaning companies or once off cleaning companies will charge from 30 euro extra, depending on size, condition and oven type.

External Window Cleaning - internal window cleaning & frame cleaning is included in the initial price. External window cleaning is not included in the price. The prices for external window cleaning start from around 30 euro per house and it can go up to 120 euro per house, depending on size and condition. Conservatories will cost extra.

Sofa Cleaning - your sofas will be vacuumed. Spots and stains cannot be removed without a deep clean. Deep sofa cleaning prices start from around 20 euro per 1 seat sofa and it can go up to 100 euro for an L shape. Add more items and receive better prices.

Once Off Cleaning - Duration

Deep cleaning a house can take anything between 3 to 6 hours. Some once off cleaning companies use two cleaners per job while other house cleaning companies use three cleaners per job. If you are looking for extra services like carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, exterior window cleaning or floor polishing it will take much longer. The condition of the property, the size and the shape itself can increase or decrease the amount of time needed for a complete once off cleaning job.

Book well in advance. If you want some particular areas to be cleaned more than other areas you should make a list and let your service provider know. If you are allergic to chemicals let the cleaning company know in good time. If you are looking for fridge cleaning and interior of presses to be deep cleaned, you will need to empty them and specifically request this.

Once Off Cleaning