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end of tenancy cleaning

What Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning?


The end of a phase opens up a lot more possibilities for the near future

When you’ve got tenants it means you’ve got a business going on, and it can be a pretty good monthly income to have you stay with no worries from that point of view, but having tenants also means you must manage and properly maintain your property, to never lack prospects and tenants.

People come and go as they please or as life guide them and your property makes no exception so you must be prepared for when they leave your place because you want the property to always look at its best for others to come and live there, and for that services like the end of tenancy cleaning will provide everything you need, from equipment to quality cleaning products and a team of professional cleaners, they’ll all be working to ensure you a very tidy and clean place for your next viewers or tenants.

Professionals can work very fast and be done with the cleaning as per deadline and that is only to a customer’s benefit since he’ll be able to use the place as soon as possible.  From the entrance hall until the last stair of your house, the cleaning will include all the rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and all the woodwork around the house, doors, window sills and drawers. Dusting, vacuuming, mopping will be done with quality products, even with eco-friendly products if that’s the desire of a client. Good companies are fully equipped and prepared to handle just about any situation and with their experience and expertise there can be nothing they haven’t dealt with so far.

Unfortunately though, the end of tenancy cleaning service does not include the external windows, carpet or curtain cleaning, mattresses either or ovens. They will have to be charged separately since that would be a job for a different team of professionals with different equipment and products; but some companies offer such services for the exterior combined with the cleaning of the house on the interior at very convenient prices. All you have to do is look for details on one of the best cleaning company’s website and see for yourself what a good service provider means and has to offer.

The end of one tenancy means only the beginning of another and by keeping your property clean at all times and well maintained you will never have to worry about a steady income because people like everything that screams good living conditions. Some may have children with them and we all know how sensitive they are and how fast they could get sick in a dirty environment and that could cost so much more than a cleaning service if they’d decide to sue or something, so don’t even think twice before calling a cleaning company to get you out of trouble with the mess left behind from previous tenants.

What exactly is end of tenancy cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is important especially if you move into a new flat that has previously been occupied, or if you move out and you want to leave anything clean behind you.  It usually comprises in cleaning the entire house, with extra services of cleaning and polishing all the kitchen and bathrooms surfaces that are the most used parts of a house.

It is recommended to call for cleaning when you move into a house that has previous owners, because is best to be safe than sorry. Maybe they haven’t had end of tenancy cleaning, so it is best you have it done, just in case.

If you just move in, you may expose you and your loved ones to mold, bacteria, microbes and viruses that hide in the narrow places inside your new house, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.  These services can be bought by the hour, or you can have them come regularly, for a certain period, however, the prices are not very high, especially since there are a few dozens cleaners on the market, in Dublin alone.

End of tenancy cleaning is just as important when you move out of a house, as well. It is best to clean up after yourself, not to mention it is the most polite thing you can do. Although the next owners will probably hire cleaners, when they move in, you would better clean everything that could become uncomfortable information about your personal life.

Besides, what are a few extra pounds, in exchange of being a role model for all the next inhabitants, and who knows, we may even become more civil one to another.

Office Cleaning Dublin

The recession has made people realise how much they were paying for their office cleaning

service. Big corporation have increased the prices of their cleaning services up to a point when

it become unaffordable. This type of corporation have acquired mortgages and very expensive

offices not expecting the recession to kick in so fast. They were in for a shock.

Rombis Cleaning ltd it has started developing right in 2010 in the middle of the worst recession

in the history of mankind. We had no intention of becoming a cheap office cleaning company

but instead we wanted to become good value for money. Our office cleaning services are easy

to be booked and our only aim is to keep our customer happy. We took in many contracts from

the old main cleaning contractors and in the past few years we have established a great brand

a great little company. We don’t want to become another contractor out there , we want to be

one of the best little office cleaning company in Dublin.

Our office cleaning staff is polite , efficient and always looking for new ways of getting better

and cheaper. We provide flexible payment options and we treat all our customers like a friend.

Our company is one of the most efficient office cleaning company in Ireland at this moment.

We buy all our office cleaning supplies in bulk to save money, we have cheap office and storage

rents and all this can be seen in our affordable

We are one stop office cleaning company. Hiring a company to clean your office , then hiring a

company to clean your windows , then hiring a company to clean your carpets , etc , it can be

very costly. We do all this services and we are only 1 email away. We provide cheaper rates to

all our regular office cleaning customers.

So why us?

-cheaper rates than our competition (we don’t have mad overheads)

-better cleaners than our competition

-24 hour opening times

-30 days credit – office cleaning customers only

-reply to all emails within 5 minutes

-free 24 hours phone line

What else can you ask?

Call us or email us today with your requirements and lets us see what can we do for you. We

provide free estimates so even if you have a good office cleaning company it won` hurt to find

out what kind of price we can do. Visit our office cleaning customer list in our website and then

contact any of our customers just to see what they think about us. If you still don’t want us to

clean your office then just save our contact for later. We will be here for a long time.

1800 848 700 014440146 0852892657

Office Cleaning

Ireland has become a hub for all the big international companies in the past few year. The need

for new office spaces and office cleaning services has increased big tine in the past 5 years. Our

company has developed and trained brilliant office cleaning cleaners capable to take on any chore

and task. We understand that big density offices will accommodate a huge variations of people by

size, race and health conditions. So we needed to adapt.

Up to 2001 most of the Dublin offices were accommodating 1 to 20 people but with the arrival of

so many multinationals the size of the offices has increased to 1 to 1000 people. The classic office

cleaning services with 1 weekly fast hover is well gone. HEPA hovers, detail cleans , anti allergies

cleaning products, micro fibre pads, high speed buffers, reach and wash window cleaning systems

capable of cleaning windows up to 1000 sq feet high. All this have changed the office cleaning in

Dublin. All our office cleaning staff have safe passes and manual handling courses. Our customers

often require Garda clearance for all the office cleaning staff. Sensible information has to be


Our company has customers from all industries with some of the world biggest corporations on our

customer list. We have to make sure that our customers reputation is kept sky high and if emergency

cleans are required we will be there. Our office cleaning package include: bathroom cleaning ,

window cleaning , floor cleaning , window cleaning , carpet cleaning , surface polishing and many

other services. Some of the services are extra but it comes at discounted prices for our regular office

cleaning customers.

Our company offers free trials to all our new office cleaning customers. If you are not happy with

our services after the trial there will be no obligation to hire us. We don’t signs any contracts

after wining a tender – we don’t want you to keep us because you have to we want you to keep

us because you want to. Our office cleaning rates are clear and are explained in detail to all our

customers. Extra charges can only occur if extra work is required. We invoice once per month , on

the last day of the month and then we offer 30 days credit to all our customers.

Our company has increase with about 20% year on year since 2010. Our professionalism is well

known and many companies are enquiring daily – requiring office cleaning quotations. We are

offering regular office cleaning services in Dublin only. Once off office cleaning services can

provided in the whole country if the job is big enough.

If you already have a cleaning company that is not delivering what was agreed or if you have

cleaners that you are not happy about , please contact our office cleaning department today

at 014440146 for a free no obligation estimate. Regardless of the size of your company or the

conditions required we will have a quotation within 24 hours. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Savings

of up to 30% can be achieved in few steps.

1. Is your own office cleaning staff fully trained to do the work?

2. Are you using the right equipment/cleaning products?

3. Can we build 1 package for all your cleaning needs and no use other contractors & cut costs?

4. Do you have a good cleaning schedule?

5. Is your office cleaning staff motivated?

Give us a call today and we will find out what is going on and where savings can be made. 014440146 1800 848 700 0852892657

Cleaning Services Sandymount (Cleaners in Sandymount) Cleaning Company Sandymount

Professional cleaning services provided by our cleaning company in Sandymount:

-house cleaning sandymount

-floor cleaning sandymount (marble polishing and travertine floor cleaning)

-window cleaning sandymount

-carpet cleaning sandymount

-apartment cleaning sandymount

-sofa cleaning sandymount

-upholstery cleaning sandymount

-rug cleaning sandymount

-office cleaning sandymount

-contract cleaning sandymount

-commercial cleaning sandymount

-school cleaning sandymount

-pressure washing/power washing

-commercial kitchen cleaning sandymount

-industrial cleaning sandymount

Rombis cleaning provides many types of cleaning services in Sandymount. We deal with both commercial and domestic cleaning customers. Our cleaning company has built up a great reputation in Sandymount with most of our local customers being repeat customers and referrals. We provide an excellent carpet cleaning service in Sandymount. Rug cleaning and sofa cleaning are also in big demand with our scotch-guard service much cheaper than most of our competitors. Floor cleaning services like amtico floor cleaning, marble cleaning and polishing and trevartine floor cleaning are also in big demand on a regular basis. We also provide commercial cleaning services to some local businesses with commercial window cleaning topping the list. We provide regular office cleaning services to local offices in Sandymount. For queries about the cleaning services we offer in Sandymount please call us at 1800 848 700 and we will be glad to provide you with a free no-obligation quote.



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