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house cleaning dublin

Effective house cleaning

I believe we all have friends, whose houses are always sparkling, smelling nice and fresh and never seem to put any effort into it. Let me give you a clue: they might not do the cleaning themselves.

If you have not asked them yet, maybe you should, because they may be paying for house cleaning, and they may even persuade you to do it too. Why is that? The answer is simple: nobody has the time to clean after him or herself, and nobody has the time to do that thoroughly, so they would much rather pay a few pounds to a cleaning company  in order to have a clean house.

I suppose most of us clean our dishes, make the beds and maybe even dust off the sofa, but the true house cleaning is more than that. You need to clean all the surfaces in your kitchen, in your bathrooms, bedrooms and living room, and that takes time. In addition, most of us need that time to work, to spend it with our loved ones, or to do something else entirely. Therefore, the idea is to save yourself some time, and to pay someone to clean your house, in ways you will never be able to do it yourself. These house cleaning companies have the products, the staff and the time to put in your home, to make it clean. This is what they are paid to do, and they do it perfectly, so why bother doing the thorough cleaning of your house alone, when you can hire someone to do it for you?

Office Cleaning

Ireland has become a hub for all the big international companies in the past few year. The need

for new office spaces and office cleaning services has increased big tine in the past 5 years. Our

company has developed and trained brilliant office cleaning cleaners capable to take on any chore

and task. We understand that big density offices will accommodate a huge variations of people by

size, race and health conditions. So we needed to adapt.

Up to 2001 most of the Dublin offices were accommodating 1 to 20 people but with the arrival of

so many multinationals the size of the offices has increased to 1 to 1000 people. The classic office

cleaning services with 1 weekly fast hover is well gone. HEPA hovers, detail cleans , anti allergies

cleaning products, micro fibre pads, high speed buffers, reach and wash window cleaning systems

capable of cleaning windows up to 1000 sq feet high. All this have changed the office cleaning in

Dublin. All our office cleaning staff have safe passes and manual handling courses. Our customers

often require Garda clearance for all the office cleaning staff. Sensible information has to be


Our company has customers from all industries with some of the world biggest corporations on our

customer list. We have to make sure that our customers reputation is kept sky high and if emergency

cleans are required we will be there. Our office cleaning package include: bathroom cleaning ,

window cleaning , floor cleaning , window cleaning , carpet cleaning , surface polishing and many

other services. Some of the services are extra but it comes at discounted prices for our regular office

cleaning customers.

Our company offers free trials to all our new office cleaning customers. If you are not happy with

our services after the trial there will be no obligation to hire us. We don’t signs any contracts

after wining a tender – we don’t want you to keep us because you have to we want you to keep

us because you want to. Our office cleaning rates are clear and are explained in detail to all our

customers. Extra charges can only occur if extra work is required. We invoice once per month , on

the last day of the month and then we offer 30 days credit to all our customers.

Our company has increase with about 20% year on year since 2010. Our professionalism is well

known and many companies are enquiring daily – requiring office cleaning quotations. We are

offering regular office cleaning services in Dublin only. Once off office cleaning services can

provided in the whole country if the job is big enough.

If you already have a cleaning company that is not delivering what was agreed or if you have

cleaners that you are not happy about , please contact our office cleaning department today

at 014440146 for a free no obligation estimate. Regardless of the size of your company or the

conditions required we will have a quotation within 24 hours. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Savings

of up to 30% can be achieved in few steps.

1. Is your own office cleaning staff fully trained to do the work?

2. Are you using the right equipment/cleaning products?

3. Can we build 1 package for all your cleaning needs and no use other contractors & cut costs?

4. Do you have a good cleaning schedule?

5. Is your office cleaning staff motivated?

Give us a call today and we will find out what is going on and where savings can be made. 014440146 1800 848 700 0852892657