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What exactly is end of tenancy cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is important especially if you move into a new flat that has previously been occupied, or if you move out and you want to leave anything clean behind you.  It usually comprises in cleaning the entire house, with extra services of cleaning and polishing all the kitchen and bathrooms surfaces that are the most used parts of a house.

It is recommended to call for cleaning when you move into a house that has previous owners, because is best to be safe than sorry. Maybe they haven’t had end of tenancy cleaning, so it is best you have it done, just in case.

If you just move in, you may expose you and your loved ones to mold, bacteria, microbes and viruses that hide in the narrow places inside your new house, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.  These services can be bought by the hour, or you can have them come regularly, for a certain period, however, the prices are not very high, especially since there are a few dozens cleaners on the market, in Dublin alone.

End of tenancy cleaning is just as important when you move out of a house, as well. It is best to clean up after yourself, not to mention it is the most polite thing you can do. Although the next owners will probably hire cleaners, when they move in, you would better clean everything that could become uncomfortable information about your personal life.

Besides, what are a few extra pounds, in exchange of being a role model for all the next inhabitants, and who knows, we may even become more civil one to another.

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Professional cleaning services provided by our cleaning company in Sandymount:

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-rug cleaning sandymount

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-pressure washing/power washing

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Rombis cleaning provides many types of cleaning services in Sandymount. We deal with both commercial and domestic cleaning customers. Our cleaning company has built up a great reputation in Sandymount with most of our local customers being repeat customers and referrals. We provide an excellent carpet cleaning service in Sandymount. Rug cleaning and sofa cleaning are also in big demand with our scotch-guard service much cheaper than most of our competitors. Floor cleaning services like amtico floor cleaning, marble cleaning and polishing and trevartine floor cleaning are also in big demand on a regular basis. We also provide commercial cleaning services to some local businesses with commercial window cleaning topping the list. We provide regular office cleaning services to local offices in Sandymount. For queries about the cleaning services we offer in Sandymount please call us at 1800 848 700 and we will be glad to provide you with a free no-obligation quote.



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