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Apartment Cleaning Booterstown

Rombis Cleaning Services

Apartment Cleaning Booterstown

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Highly recommended once off cleaning company and end of tenancy cleaning. Local house cleaners with many years experience. Rombis Cleaning is one of the very few 100% eco cleaning company. Our prices for any type of house cleaning services starts from only 130 euro. Book our services online!


Get Your House Cleaned By The Experts

A dirty home affects your productivity. How will you be able to focus on tasks that demand your attention, from preparing meals in the kitchen, getting through that office paperwork that you had brought home with you, or even helping your kids out with their homework, when there are stains, dirt spots and odours all over? The unfinished chores become a constant thought at the back of your mind. You even feel guilty knowing the amount of work that is waiting to be carried out yet your busy schedule makes it difficult to handle it all. Relationships with household members get strained, as is the case with couples fighting over the soiled interior. There are those who put off hosting guests. You don`t want to live like this. Things can be turned around by letting our house cleaning experts take care of it.

Apartment Cleaning
Rookie mistakes during DIY cleaning programs, especially with items like carpets and furniture, result in issues like overwetting. This is not just an inconvenience that prevents you from using the items, disrupting normalcy in the establishment. The longer the materials takes to dry, the higher the chances of fungi growing. These release musty odours into the indoor air space, and also spores that trigger allergic reactions. Failing to properly clean the bathroom surfaces can also encourage mould growth. There are species that produce mycotoxins, which are a threat to organs such as the liver, and also the central nervous system. Avoid these risks by having your carpeting, furniture and upholstery worked on as part of the apartment cleaning process.

House Cleaning
Our residential cleaning team is well-versed with the different aspects of the business, having handled needs for diverse clients over the years. From the Neoclassical architecture styled to exude health, with its elaborate doorways and symmetrical, tall columns from the historical Greek and Roman cultures, ranch-style homes where there may be single-floor or split-level floor plans, Tudor styles that are popular for the snowy and rainy climates, Prairie homes which feature rows of windows and long flat roofs, townhouses in the heart of the city, and the Victorian era homes like those of the Gothic revival, Italianate and Second Empire architecture, you can rest assure that your property is in the hands of professionals.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
You already have your hands full with the logistics of the move- packing up your belongings, getting cardboard boxes and bubble wrap to ensure that the items will be safe during transport, finding a moving company to handle the actual move, going through the different prices, reviews and schedules in order to settle on your preferred option, dealing with formalities like switching services for your utilities- from gas and electricity to your internet and cable providers, changing the addresses with your bank, deregistering from the current doctor to a different one in your new locality, and even organising a yard sale for those items that you don`t want to carry with you. Let our professional crew take care of the end of tenancy cleaning and ease your burden.

Once Off Cleaning
By getting rid of the dirt and grime, the discomfort, embarrassment, odours and allergic reactions are done away with, enabling you to actually relax and be comfortable in your own home. You also won’t be stressed by the humongous cleaning task that is awaiting you. As such, the thorough once off cleaning services enable you to improve your quality of life.


House Cleaning Booterstown

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