House Cleaning Artane - Deep House Cleaning Services Artane
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House Cleaning Artane

House Cleaning Artane

House Cleaning Artane

House Cleaning Artane


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Low cost commercial and domestic cleaning services. Rombis Cleaning Ltd is your one stop cleaning company. Our company uses the latest technology within the cleaning industry and all our staff is fully trained. You can book our cleaning services online. Have your home deep cleaned from only 130 euro.


House Cleaning Artane

Your house is your escape from the outside world. That personal space that you can come back to after a hectic day at work, into the warm embrace of your family. It’s where you spend quality time with your kids and significant other, and get to unwind and relax in readiness for another day at work. Your friends and relatives come over to visit, and you get to catch up on the occurrences of your daily lives. Dirt and grime come in to ruin the party. From the stains and dirt spots that are dotting the surfaces and furnishings, odours from the washrooms and the decaying organic matter in the carpets, greasy residue that`s coating your kitchen appliances and affecting their functionality- all these need to be got rid of, and thats where our house cleaning team comes in.

Apartment Cleaning Artane – House Cleaning Artane

All that grime piling up on the hard surfaces and carpets, plus the furniture, puts your family members at risk. The organic waste from the food crumbs and skin flakes to the residue left behind by the insects and dust mites that come to feed on them, sustain hordes of microbes. These are in addition to those brought in from the outside under peoples shoes, on their clothes and handbags, to factors like fresh vegetables right out of the garden, and raw meat products getting diced up on the kitchen countertops. There are also allergens forming part of the dust, getting into the respiratory system and triggering reactions. Regular apartment cleaning enables you to keep your loved ones from landing in hospital.

House Cleaning Artane – House Cleaning Artane

The services cater to the diverse range of homes. Italianate styles that are inspired by the villas in Italy, with their rounded windows, decorative corbels and window cornices, French Provincial constructions modelled after the estates in the French countryside for their appeal and romantic touch, Mid-Century Modern houses to those designed after residential establishments in the Victorian and Georgian eras, and even Prairie homes with their simplistic nature and open floor plans, ranch-style establishments, bungalows, manors, all through to bungalows and log cabins- our crew attends to the different residences, delivering quality results each time.

House Cleaning Artane -End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Your landlord will be scrutinizing every nook and cranny in the residence before giving back your security deposit. Going by the terms of your tenancy agreement, you want to ensure that the place has been thoroughly cleaned. From the bathroom, with areas such as the wall tiles, the shower screen and fittings, basin, taps, the mirrors and floors plus the toilet itself, kitchen surfaces ranging from the countertops and cabinets, to appliances like the oven and refrigerator, hallways and doors, the windows of the residence, the upholstery especially for those that were rented when fully furnished- there’s plenty of work that needs to be done. Our end of tenancy crew is here to take care of the job for you.

House Cleaning Artane – Once Off Cleaning

With our services, you won`t have to worry about harsh chemicals being used, that lead to toxic fumes being generated and ruin the quality of the indoor air space, exposing your family members to risk. The products used during the once off cleaning have passed the required EU regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability, and are also safe for application around kids and pets.


House Cleaning Artane

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