House Cleaning Ashbourne - End Of Tenancy Cleaning & Once Off Cleaning
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House Cleaning Ashbourne

House Cleaning Ashbourne

House Cleaning Ashbourne

House Cleaning Ashbourne


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Low cost commercial and domestic cleaning services. Rombis Cleaning Ltd is your one stop cleaning company. Our company uses the latest technology within the cleaning industry and all our staff is fully trained. You can book our cleaning services online. Have your home deep cleaned from only 130 euro.


House Cleaning Ashbourne

Unfinished chores in your home can bug you both consciously and subconsciously- from the frustration of seeing things in a messy state, to the guilty feeling that there are chores demanding to be done. The dirt spots and stains ruin the decor of the interior space that you have worked so hard to set up, and the odours hanging in the air are a constant distraction, preventing you from focusing on your tasks. It even affects how you relate with people. For instance, when guests come over, they will undoubtedly notice the chaos. Some polite ones will subtly mention it, and there are those will shoot straight with hard questions, putting you on the defensive. You don`t want things getting this far out of hand. Regular residential cleaning services will ensure that your home is always comfortable.

Apartment Cleaning – House Cleaning Ashbourne
With the mounds of dirt and grime, there’s plenty that puts your family at risk. Take for instance the billions of bacteria that are crawling around. There are those strains that can be fought off naturally by the body immune systems and there are those which require medical care- the likes of Staphylococcus bacteria that causes staph infections, and it common in bathroom surfaces, Pseudomonas dominating the kitchen sink ready to contaminate the dishes, the diarrhoea-causing Clostridium difficult (C. diff), to superbugs like MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), and viruses like the Norovirus which causes gastroenteritis. These pathogens are found on the surfaces, upholstery all through to the carpeting and the floor. As such, a thorough disinfecting is part and parcel of the apartment cleaning services.

House Cleaning – House Cleaning Ashbourne
Our house cleaning services are available for the different kinds of residences. Be it an Oriental house with its design rooted in Chinese architecture, a farmhouse out in the countryside or ranch-style home with the large spaces, the smaller and cosy cottages, a house with Victorian architecture drawing its inspiration from the 19th century, with sub-styles like the Gothic revival, Second Empire, Queen Anne, stick style plus the Romanesque style, a Tudor home with its half-timber framing and steep-pitched roofing, or a townhouse in the middle of the buzzing city, bungalow in the suburbs, or even the Pueblo Revival architecture for multi-family homes, our team will arrive on site punctually, and take care of your house cleaning needs.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – House Cleaning Ashbourne
Moving comes with lots of logistics. First, there are formalities involved. This includes following the proper protocol that is set out in the lease agreement, such as informing the landlord of your intent to move in reasonable time. Then there is the deregistration from your current doctors, opticians, gym membership and other services in your locality, and switching to new ones in the area that you`ll move to. Your utilities will also need a service switch, where you will make the necessary changes with your electricity, gas and cable companies. Then there is the actual move, from packing up your items and dealing with the moving company. You don`t want the end of tenancy cleaning to add to your troubles. Get it done professionally by calling up our crew.

Once Off Cleaning – House Cleaning Ashbourne
We have structured our pricing to be pocket-friendly. The once off cleaning services are affordable, that way you get the quality results you desire without putting a strain on your finances. What’s more, they take into account your particular situation, including aspects such as the upholstery, carpets, appliances and the rooms you want to be cleaned.


House Cleaning Ashbourne

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