House Cleaning Balbriggan - Once Off House Cleaning Services
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House Cleaning Balbriggan

House Cleaning Balbriggan

House Cleaning Balbriggan

House Cleaning Balbriggan


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If you are looking for professional house cleaners in Balbriggan, you need to contact Rombis Cleaning Ltd. We are a professional cleaning company specialising in deep cleaning services. We are happy to contract apartment cleaning services and house cleaning services. Book our services online.

House Cleaning Balbriggan


You want your house to be in optimum condition. A place which you can proudly call home. Where you will raise your kids comfortably in, and share those precious memories with your significant other. You want to be able to come home from work to an inviting interior, that enables you to take the edge off and unwind. You should be in a position to invite your friends and relatives over for a visit, without worrying about your guests lamenting about the sorry state of things brought about by dirt and grime. Gunk layers on the surfaces, stains that affect the decor, odours chocking up the airspace- those are not the conditions you desire for your abode. Enhance your living conditions by hiring professional house cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning – House Cleaning Balbriggan
We give your home a top-to-bottom clean, leaving it fresh and healthy. The dirt riddling the various surfaces is removed, with tough acting agents dissolving the heavy build-ups of grime, emulsifying the grease residue, and tackling the set in stains. The equipment that is employed delivers a thorough clean, from hot water extraction systems for the carpets and upholstery, scrubbers, high-powered vacuums, and waterfed poles incorporating laboratory-grade pure water for cleaning the windows. Disinfectants are also used to destroy those germy breeding grounds, including the frequently touched surfaces, and areas like the toilet hinges. This ensures that you have a clean and healthy apartment to raise your family in.

House Cleaning – House Cleaning Balbriggan
You want your residence to receive individualised attention. Our house cleaning team pays attention to detail, and works on the diverse types of residences, from those with Mediterranean architecture with its porticos and heavy wooden doors, Greek Revival constructions that feature painted plaster exteriors, tall columns and pediments, plus horizontal transoms, Mid-Century modern designs which focus on simplistic designs and seamlessly integrate with nature, contemporary homes that are all about living green and enhancing energy efficiency, to those with architectures that sprung out of the Victorian era, and even residences like log cabins which are often use as getaways for the holidays.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – House Cleaning Balbriggan
When moving out, you want to get back as much of your security deposit as possible. For this to happen, you need to meet the requirements stipulated in the tenancy agreement. Part of this entails ensuring that the dirt and grime that has built up in the premises is removed, which the landlord or property manager will be analysing during the inspection. Ensure things are at their optimal by scheduling professional end of tenancy cleaning services. Our crew will come to your residence and carry out a thorough cleaning, from the bathrooms to the kitchens, washing the walls and floors, wiping the cupboards and cleaning the skirting boards, windowsills, all through to the sinks, mirrors and windows.

Once Off Cleaning – House Cleaning Balbriggan
Everyone is unique, and so are the different residential cleaning situations. The pricing of our services factoring your particular needs. For instance, with the once off cleaning, the area size being worked on is considered, plus appliances like ovens to be included in the package, when setting the final costs. The quotation provided will be affordable, and there won`t be hidden charges to worry about.


House Cleaning Balbriggan

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  • Clare Rowe
    Posted at 10:05h, 04 November Reply

    Looking for a regular house cleaning for my 3 bed house in Balbriggan. Do you have availability and what are your rates please?


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