House Cleaning Balgriffin - Professional House Cleaners Balgriffin
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House Cleaning Balgriffin

House Cleaning Balgriffin

House Cleaning Balgriffin

House Cleaning Balgriffin


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Low cost commercial and domestic cleaning services. Rombis Cleaning Ltd is your one stop cleaning company. Our company uses the latest technology within the cleaning industry and all our staff is fully trained. You can book our cleaning services online. Have your home deep cleaned from only 130 euro.


House Cleaning Balgriffin

Walking home to a messy interior just makes you feel overwhelmed, especially after a busy day at work. You should be able to look forward to some rest and relaxation, from spending quality time with your significant other, hanging out with your kids as they tell you how their day was, catching up on the latest episodes of your favourite TV show, or even curling up with a novel. This becomes difficult when each time you glance across the room, you’re seeing stains dotting the various surfaces, those dust layers coating your items, and even scum in the shower preventing you from enjoying a warm bath. Things don`t have to be this way. With regular house cleaning services, you can be able to maintain high cleanliness standards of your residence.

Apartment Cleaning – House Cleaning Balgriffin
You don’t want the health of your family members taken away by the dirt and grime. However, with all that soiling, you’ve got more to worry about than just the lost aesthetics. The organic matter, for instance, sustains hordes of microbes, from bacteria to dust mites. These have varying effects. There are germs that cause infections once they get into the body system, while with the dust mites the issue is mainly their faecal residue, which is an allergen. Pet fur and dander add to the build-up of allergens. In case there is a person who smokes in the residence, there will be cigarette smoke absorbed by the upholstery and carpeting, with the prolonged exposure affecting the rest of the household members. With regular apartment cleaning, you will be able to ensure that your family members are safe.

House Cleaning – House Cleaning Balgriffin
Are you a realtor? Perhaps you`re planning an open house, and you need the residence ready for when you’ll show the potential tenants and buyers around. You may even be a homeowner looking to sell the property- perhaps to move to another residency that can accommodate the growing family, or downsize to a smaller space as is the case with empty-nesters. You may have received a job transfer to a different location, or simply want to shift to a far-off area to experience a different culture and lifestyle. Perhaps you are a busy parent with a hectic weekly schedule, and dealing with the messy house on the weekends chomps off those precious relaxing hours. Whichever the case, our house cleaning team is here for you.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – House Cleaning Balgriffin
Moving out can be tedious. Dividing and packing up your items so that they can be easy to transport, planning what you need for the days close to that of the actual move and boxing away the rest to reduce your workload, locating a moving company that is suitable for your needs, planning a yard sale to get rid of the stuff that you don`t need, or alternatively, donating the item to charity, switching your utilities and even contacting your auto, life, medical and even pet insurance companies to make the relevant logistical changes, all through to preparing the new place for your arrival and handling the formalities with the property manager. Take the end of tenancy cleaning off your to-do list by leaving it to the professionals.

Once Off Cleaning – House Cleaning Balgriffin
With our services you get to restore the elegance to your house and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously. The once off cleaning services are carried out using products that are safe for Mother Nature as a whole, and for your family members at home.


House Cleaning Balgriffin

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