House Cleaning Ballycullen - Book a Deep Clean From Only 130 Euro
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House Cleaning Ballycullen

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Ballycullen

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Eco house cleaning services in Ballycullen. Low cost house cleaning services and free estimates guaranteed. Rombis Cleaning Ltd is your local one stop cleaning company. All our staff is fully insured and garda vetted. Book our amazing cleaning packages online & save over 30%


Call Up The Expert House Cleaning Crew

Dirt is a threat to every home. From the grit that’s piling up the surfaces and abrading them, stains setting into the carpeting, furnishings, worktops and floors and ruining their appeal, to the germs that turn the residence into a health hazard, you don`t want to live in these conditions. Then there`s the odours that come when there is decaying organic residue in the premises. They make the interior space unbearable, and not to mention embarrassing when relatives and friends come over to visit. No one looks forward to having to explain where the stains on the seats came from, or trying to justify the malodours emanating from the bathroom. You want to be comfortable in your own home, and our residential cleaning services are here to make that a reality.

Apartment Cleaning
Our high-powered apartment cleaning systems get rid of those set-in stains riddling the surfaces, the visible soiling and even remove the gunk that was hidden in places that you didn`t even know. Tough acting cleaning agents break down those heavy buildups of grime and emulsify the grease spots, allowing for easy extraction for the hard surfaces, the carpets fibres, and even the nooks and crannies in your furniture. Tools that deliver high-powered scrubbing action, hot water extraction systems, to the latest in vacuuming technology- we have it all. Microfiber cleaning systems, scrapers, waterfed poles- we have invested in a wide range of cleaning gear designed to tackle the different situations in your home.

House Cleaning
Different houses have their unique demands, such as the sizes of the areas to be covered. Whether you have a bungalow, Mid-century modern home, one that is ranch- or prairie-styled, a log cabin that you use for your holiday getaways or rent out to tourists visiting the area, a townhouse smack in the middle of the city or cottage out in the lush green of the countryside, a farmhouse with its open floor space and the large and expansive manors and chateaus, or those with architectures with historical themes, like the Victorian era, Greek revival and Dutch colonial homes, plus the Italianate setups- our house cleaning team will attend to your house cleaning needs and deliver quality results each time.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
In order to get as much of your security deposit back as possible, the residence needs to be clean in readiness for the inspection. From getting rid of the dirt and limescale deposits in the shower, those unsightly urine scale spots in the toilet, the soap and shampoo residue that is left behind on those bathroom walls, all through to areas in the kitchen like the countertops, and units like the oven, scrubbing the floors and removing the gunk that is on the window sills- they all need to be attended to. There are those rented spaces that come with furniture and carpeting, and they will also be required to be given a thorough wash. Turn to our end of tenancy cleaning crew to ensure that you get quality results.

Once Off Cleaning
When you hire our services, you get to relax comfortably in an enhanced interior, with the peace of mind that you have not caused any damage to the environment. This is because our once off cleaning processes utilise eco-friendly solutions, that have also met standards stipulated in EU regulations on the same.


House Cleaning Ballycullen

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