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House Cleaning Ballymun

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Ballymun

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Professional House Cleaning Services Near You

After working so hard to set up the décor of your home, you don`t want it falling apart courtesy of the dirt and grime that piles up over time. Stains on the surfaces, soiling that builds layers on the finishing, odours that come from organic gunk that`s decaying, the ruined upholstery- they all drag down the ambience of the interior space. They make the home, which is meant to be a relaxing setting for you and your family, to become a chaotic and frustrating venue. How will you be able to focus on your tasks when you`re constantly distracted by the stains strewn all over, or host guests with confidence when there are odours fouling up the place? Even your quality of sleep is affected, as the brain registers the chores as pending work that needs to be attended to. Leave it to our expert house cleaning team to take care of it for you.

Apartment Cleaning
We employ modernised and highly efficient equipment to get the job done to quality standards each time. The apartment cleaning agents used get rid of the gunk that’s adhered to the fibres of your upholstery, dissolve the stubborn stains on the walls and floors, and even emulsify grease and tackle those foul odours. The equipment gets to the various surfaces, extending to hard-to-reach areas such as the top of the ceiling fans, to flushing out the grime that’s deep in the carpet’s fibres. The appropriate agents are used for the particular items being worked on. Those selected are tough on the dirt, but gentle on the material itself, that way a thorough clean can be delivered without causing any structural damage.

House Cleaning
Our team delivers a superb clean across the scope. From the beach houses, bungalows, Cape Cod houses with their wooden clapboards, shutters or shingle exteriors, contemporary style homes that are ever-changing and where the prevailing trend determines the design that will be used for the finishes, interiors and furnishings, country homes, Craftsman architecture with its shingled siding, stone details and open porches, and the English cottages that are known for their modesty and cosy feel, to farmhouses, French architecture with its ornate elements, Georgian and Greek Revival designs- our personnel apply the appropriate measures to bring back the elegance to your house.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
There is plenty to do here. Take the bathroom for instance. The shower screen needs to be descaled and polished. The grease on the wall tiles plus the gunk in the grout should be removed. Then there is the limescale on the tub, taps, and in the shower head, plus the stains in the toilet. With the kitchen, there’s everything from the worktops, cupboards and shelves, cleaning of the oven and refrigerator plus removing the grime from the extractor. Even the bins need to be cleaned inside and out. Add to this the light fittings and lampshades, skirting, spindles and banister, to the curtains and radiators. Then there’s the carpet and furniture, floors and even the windows. Calling in our end of tenancy cleaning experts will enable you to ensure quality results are obtained, and get you back your security deposit.

Once Off Cleaning
We also offer exceptional once off cleaning services, which give even the very grimy homes a facelift. The services come at affordable rates, with the pricing structure having been designed to enable you make savings. The costs account for your individual needs, such as the size and number of rooms involved, the carpet material, plus appliances such as the ovens and fridges. There are no hidden costs to worry about


House Cleaning Ballymun

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