House Cleaning Beaumont - Low Cost Once Off Cleaning Services
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House Cleaning Beaumont

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Beaumont

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Highly recommended once off cleaning company and end of tenancy cleaning. Local house cleaners with many years experience. Rombis Cleaning is one of the very few 100% eco cleaning company. Our prices for any type of house cleaning services starts from only 130 euro. Book our services online!


House Cleaning Experts You Can Rely On

Do you know that feeling when you have something pending to be done? Like a pile of files that need to be gone through, or that novel that you have been itching to read, but not getting the time for it? It can even be that popular TV show that you have been promising yourself to watch yet you never get around to doing it. A dirty house has a similar effect, albeit with a negative undertone. The mess and chaos bug you whenever you think about the state of things. It is a nagging thought at the back of our mind, constantly reminding you that the house needs to be cleaned. This affects your productivity. It even strains relationships at home, plus with the guests who come over and raise questions that put you on the defensive. Ensure that your home is always at its optimal by scheduling regular house cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
As dirt and grime accumulate, so does the amount of allergens in the interior space. Take the living room for instance, where you hang out with your family, and host guests. As people use the furniture and walk around on the carpet, they shed skin flakes. A single individual produces enough skin flakes to feed a million dust mites. These produce faecal waste, which is an allergen. There is also the fur and dander left behind by your pet. In fact, some parts of the sofa can be so concentrated with the dander, that you would have a more severe reaction laying on the cushions than if you buried your face in the animal’s fur. There are also allergens like dust and pollen that settle onto the surfaces from the air. A thorough apartment cleaning gets rid of the allergens together with the rest of the grime, sprucing up the hygiene standards of the residence.

House Cleaning
Our services are versatile, covering the broad spectrum of houses. These range from bungalows, log cabins, Cape Cod, Art Deco, Contemporary, Dutch Colonial Georgian Colonial, Federal Colonial and Victorian era styles,, Mid-Century Modern, French Provincial, Greek Revival, Italianate, Mediterranean, Modern or Neoclassical homes, to Prairie, Pueblo revival, Ranch-style homes, and Townhouses, Tudor, Spanish, cottages, farmhouses, and even the Oriental architectures. Our personnel will arrive at your residence at the set time, and deliver a thorough clean to restore the elegance to the interiors and exteriors of the residence.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Moving from one place to another can be a hustle. There is plenty that needs to be done. From dealing with the formalities of the move including issues like providing notice to your current landlord, and switching out the gas, electricity, cable and other utilities to your new place of residence, dividing up your items to determine how they will be transported, finding a moving company of good repute whose terms you agree with, changing addresses with your bank and even informing your insurance companies- from auto to medical and life about the move- it gets really busy. Let us take the end of tenancy cleaning off your list of things to do.

Once Off Cleaning
With our eco-friendly once off cleaning services, you won`t have to worry about issues like the indoor air quality of your home being affected, or harsh chemicals getting washed out onto the driveway and garden, or being flushed down the drainage into your septic tank. The solutions used adhere to EU environmental safety standards.


House Cleaning Beaumont

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