House Cleaning Bluebell - Low Cost Once Off Cleaning Services
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House Cleaning Bluebell

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Bluebell

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*** deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning from only 50 euro***


Professional House Cleaning Services Just A Dial Away

A clean and hygienic home is vital to keep you healthy- both physically and mentally. The dirt spots are havens for pathogens that can cause infections to you and your family members. The soiling on the hard surfaces, in the upholstery and even buried deep within the carpet can harbour colonies of Campylobacter, Listeria, E. coli, Salmonella and Shigella. Food particles are a magnet for insects and rodents, which in turn bring a myriad of bacteria with them on their bodies, and other strains left behind in their faecal residue. Then there is the ruined decor. The build-up of dirt makes the interior space look dull and forlorn, and the stains strewn all over distort the intricate colour patterns that set the tone for your decor. Get rid of them using quality residential cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
Are you in the property market? For landlords and realtors looking to get more value out of their investment, having a well maintained apartment is key. As you host the open houses, interested parties will want to see a clean and elegant interior. That way, they will have a positive impression on the premises and you even get to justify the premiums and rack in more profit. What`s more, you get to set a precedent, showing the tenants moving in how to treat the property with care and respect. A thorough apartment cleaning sets the standards that you would like to be maintained, thus ensuring that your investment is protected.

House Cleaning
Our personnel has provided house cleaning services for years, serving clients with different kinds of residences. As such, you can rest assured that your property is in the hands of professionals. Whichever type of house you have, from homes with ranch-style architecture, Shingle designs where the shakes may be split and others sawn, Cape Cod designs that usually feature steep roofing, and even the popular bungalows that have their origins in India, to the city’s townhouses, cottages and farmhouses set up in the countryside, and even those with architecture from periods like the Victorian era- our crew will give it a quality clean.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Is it time for you to move out of your residence? Our end of tenancy cleaning team is here for you. An in-depth cleaning of the premises is carried out to enable you to meet the requirements of your tenancy agreement with your landlord, in order to enable you get back your security deposit. High quality products are used, with our professional crew having the experience needed to apply the appropriate agents to the different surfaces and appliances. From the interiors and exteriors of the residence, to units like the oven-we do it all. Hiring our services frees you up to focus on other aspects of the moving process, such as dealing with the logistics involved with moving our items, thus reducing your burden.

Once Off Cleaning
Our team gets through the various surfaces and items, from the lampshades, light fixtures and switches, baseboards, floors and walls, cabinet surfaces and handles, stovetops, burners plus their knobs, sink drains, the kitchen tiles and backsplash, the toilet bowl, lid, tank and seat, shower screens, door and tracks, bathtub, mirror, and even the shelves and fan in the bathroom, all through the sofa sets, upholstery and carpets in the living room. Dial up our once off cleaning team today and give your home a facelift.


House Cleaning Bluebell

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