House Cleaning Brennanstown - Eco House Cleaning Company
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House Cleaning Brennanstown

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Brennanstown

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*** deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning from only 50 euro***


Looking For A Deep House Cleaning? Call In The Professionals

As your kids spend their time rolling around on the lush carpet and hopping on the cushions of the sofa, they can be picking up loads of allergens and germs that put their health at risk. You don`t want guests coming and taking a seat on the cosy furniture, only to erupt into a bout of coughs and sneezes. During the flu season, all that coughing leads to pathogens being distributed in the interior space, and an infection can easily spread to the rest of the household members. Then there are the germs on the decaying organic matter that forms part of the soiling, with strains ranging from Listeria and Campylobacter to Shigella, E. coli and Salmonella. You don`t want your loved ones landing in hospital, or to deal with the heavy medical bills that will result. Enhance the health of your home by scheduling residential cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
Whether it’s a loft, convertible, studio or penthouse apartment, railroad or garden apartment, our services are available for you. Our personnel use state-of-the-art systems to deliver high quality results on each apartment cleaning session. From hot water extraction gear that gives the carpets and upholstery a thorough wash, to highly effective vacuum systems that deliver the required suction power for the process, waterfed pole systems for reaching the windows on the upper floors, to microfiber cloths that absorb even the microscopic dust particles on the surface, coupled with tough acting cleaning agents- the different sections of the apartment are worked on to professional standards.

House Cleaning
Our residential cleaning services cut across the scope, and our crew will arrive at your residence at the scheduled time to get started on the task. From beach houses, bungalows, those with Cape Cod architecture, Colonial designs, contemporary and country styles, Craftsman architecture, farmhouses, English cottages, Federal Colonial setups, those residences modelled after Georgian era homes, log cabins Greek Revival styles and Mid-Century modern setups, to Tudor styles, Prairie residences, and those influenced by the Victorian era structures, our personnel will provide professional services, delivering quality results each time.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
In order to get your security deposit back, the terms stipulated in the tenancy agreement that had been signed before you move in need to be met. This includes ensuring that a thorough cleaning has been carried out. It`s an all-encompassing process, dealing with everything from the staircases and hallways, the curtains, furniture, walls and the windows, scrubbing down your bathroom to remove any grime and stains that are on the toilet, tiles, sink and mirrors, ensuring that the plug holes and drains are clear-that the water can flow easily without any blockages, getting rid of the limescale that may have formed in the showerhead and taps, all through to dealing with the carpets, and items like the oven. In order to ensure that the task is carried out professionally, call in our end of tenancy cleaning crew.

Once Off Cleaning
It’s a green clean. Our once off cleaning team uses products and systems that have been structured with the safety of the environment in mind. The solutions are tough on the grime but safe for the biodiversity around you. There is no chemical residue left behind, and the indoor air quality of your home is also preserved. The entirety of the process, from the application, scrubbing, extraction and polishing, to the waste disposal, are carried out while adhering to environmental protection standards


House Cleaning Brennanstown

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