House Cleaning Carrickmines - Eco House Cleaners Carrickmines
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House Cleaning Carrickmines

House Cleaning Carrickmines

House Cleaning Carrickmines

House Cleaning Carrickmines


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*** deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning from only 50 euro***


House Cleaning Carrickmines

You don`t want your family members falling ill due to contaminants and pathogens in the house. These come from different sources. There are the allergens that are as a result of everyday dust that accumulates in the premises, and germs from the food waste and other organic material strewn all over the surfaces, furniture, and even carpeting. Add to this the insects and rodents coming to feed on the food particles. These bring with them different strains of microbes, compounding the health risks that your loved ones are exposed to. In case there is a person smoking in the residence, then there is the issue of the cigarette smoke that is absorbed by the carpets and upholstery, increasing the risks for the other household members. Call in our residential cleaning crew to enhance the health standards in your home.

Apartment Cleaning – House Cleaning Carrickmines
We use deep cleaning systems that have the power needed to deliver on their mandate. An in-depth cleaning is carried out on the different surfaces in the apartment, from the highly absorbent carpets that have grime adhered to their fibres, the hard surface floors and wall tiles, all through to the soft and delicate mirrors, and even the windows outside. The solutions used have a high efficacy, dissolving the stubborn stains and dirt spots with ease. Odour neutralisers are also employed, rendering those foul smells inert at a molecular level. This, coupled with actually getting rid of the dirt and grime that’s the source of the problem, enables our apartment cleaning crew to restore the elegance to your home.

House Cleaning – House Cleaning Carrickmines
Our services cater to the wide range of residential establishments. Be they Tudor style homes with their brick and ornate half-timbers, steeply pitched roofs and rubblework masonry, Victorian era structures emphasising on beauty of the residence, the modest English cottages, symmetrical colonial setups, or the modern era contemporary homes where the property owner is geared towards green-living, or Craftsman designs taking up after the styles fronted by the Arts and Crafts movement in the 19th century, our crew will handle the house cleaning needs to the required standards of professionalism.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – House Cleaning Carrickmines
No doubt that there’s plenty that needs to be one for your end of tenancy cleaning, in order to ensure that you get your security deposit back from the landlord. Different sectors of the residence require a thorough clean, from the bathroom- dealing with the sinks, mirrors, the shower and the toilet, the carpet and furniture out in the living room, cooking units like the oven in the kitchen, and even clearing out the refrigerator and ensuring there is no grime left behind in the fridge trays and racks, working on the windows and removing scuff marks from the walls, ensuring that spills and residue are washed off the furniture- it’s a laborious task. You want to ensure that it`s done right. That`s a job for our end of tenancy cleaning crew.

Once Off Cleaning – House Cleaning Carrickmines
We use eco-friendly process to clean the various aspects of your home. Governments, regulatory bodies, rights groups, and environmental watchdogs all around the world are putting emphasis on relying on sustainable processes that protect Mother Nature, and the systems used by our once off cleaning team are in tandem with this. The products themselves have met the stringent EU standards on biodegradability and environmental sustainability, and there are no issues like chemical residue or toxic fumes to worry about.


House Cleaning Carrickmines

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