House Cleaning Chapelizod - Apartment & House Cleaners Chapelizod
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House Cleaning Chapelizod

House Cleaning Chapelizod

House Cleaning Chapelizod

House Cleaning Chapelizod


Are planning to book a deep clean? Would you like to deal with a professional cleaning company? Fancy a great cleaning service for very reasonable rates? Check out Rombis Cleaning. Have your home cleaned with the latest eco cleaning technology. Our low cost cleaning services start from only 130 euro.


Our professional cleaning services:


-end of tenancy cleaning services Chapelizod

-once off cleaning services Chapelizod

-house cleaning company Chapelizod

-apartment cleaning services Chapelizod

-window cleaning services Chapelizod

-sofa cleaning services Chapelizod

-floor cleaning company Chapelizod

-office cleaning Chapelizod

-commercial cleaning services Chapelizod

-power washing company Chapelizod

-industrial cleaning services Chapelizod

-carpet cleaning services Chapelizod


House Cleaning Chapelizod

It’s simple: Your house needs to be clean for you to comfortably live in it. This cuts across the board, from the living rooms, kitchen, all through to the bedrooms and bathrooms. You want to be able to relax on your favourite sofa without being attacked by odours emanating from the cushions, and prepare healthy meals in the kitchen without the cooking units like the oven working dismally because of the gunk that has covered their components. Even something as simple as a shower is affected when there is dirt layering the bathroom walls. You can barely enjoy a hot and soothing bath when you`re surrounded by scum and oil deposits. You can get rid of the source of your troubles by bringing in the house cleaning professionals.

Apartment Cleaning – House Cleaning Chapelizod
We use high standard apartment cleaning products and systems to deliver a deep and thorough wash of the various areas in your home. That way, you won`t have to worry about coming home to a smelly carpet or feel frustrated taking a shower in a musty bathroom. The stains and odours from the sofa are removed, those beverage stains on the floor, ink blots dotting the work area where you were working on those files brought home from the office – they are all got rid of. Different equipment is used depending on the area being worked on, from microfiber and dusting tools, scrubbers, hot water extraction machinery, all through to polishing tools, to bring back the sparkle to the surfaces.

House Cleaning – House Cleaning Chapelizod
Whichever the type of the house, our team will attend to your cleaning needs: from ranch-style residences that have low rooflines and U- or L- shaped floor plans and a long open layout, Colonial-themed homes with their symmetrical features and steeply pitched roofing, the low and single-story Cape Cod houses, Victorian homes that have decorative trim and asymmetrical shapes such as the Queen Anne, Stick, Shingle, and Eastlake styles, plus the Craftsman designs with their exposed rafters, gabled roofing and special stone or woodwork, to the Tudor Revival buildings with their herringbone brickwork, French Provincial styles that take one back to the 17th century manors., and even the nondescript log cabins hidden out in the woods.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – House Cleaning Chapelizod
Did you know that over half of the deposit disputes are caused by insufficient cleaning? The landlord requires the residence to be at the same hygiene levels as it was documented within the moving-in inventory, and carries out an inspection to ascertain this. Across the different rooms- from the bathroom checking the shower screen, tiles, sinks and toilet bowl, the carpeting and upholstery out in the living room, countertops in the kitchen and appliances like the freezer and oven, the buildings windows and doors, walls and floors- they need to be in optimal condition. To get quality results, bring in the end of tenancy cleaning experts.

Once Off Cleaning – House Cleaning Chapelizod
You want to ensure you get a value return for every penny spent. The cost of our services is tailored to fit in your budget. The once off cleaning rates take into account factors such as the size of the house, the number of the rooms you want cleaned, all through to specialised requirements such as including an oven cleaning into the process.


House Cleaning Chapelizod

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