House Cleaning Citywest - Deep Cleaning Services From 130 Euro
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House Cleaning Citywest

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Citywest


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Highly recommended once off cleaning company and end of tenancy cleaning. Local house cleaners with many years experience. Rombis Cleaning is one of the very few 100% eco cleaning company. Our prices for any type of house cleaning services starts from only 130 euro. Book our services online!


House Cleaning Experts You Can Trust

Your home should be your source of pride and joy. The opposite happens when it is laden with dirt and grime. Those layers of gunk covering the surfaces, upholstery, draperies and furniture, grease residue in cooking units, scum in sinks and soiled buildings exteriors- they ruin the appeal of your residence. It is not a sight you look forward to coming home to every day, and your personality definitely takes a hit when guests come calling. You want to be able to sit and relax on your cosy sofa, enjoy hot showers, prepare sumptuous meals in the kitchen, and host visitors without feeling frustrated by the soiling that is making the house chaotic. Turn things around using professional cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
In order to ensure that your family remains healthy and happy, getting rid of the grime that causes infection is a great start. The thorough measures undertaken during the apartment cleaning target the source of the problem, removing it from the premises to enhance the hygiene standards of your home. That way your kids can hop on the sofas or roll around on the carpets without getting an infection, and you can prepare meals without them getting contaminated. The allergens- dust and pollen, to pet fur and dander, are washed off the hard surfaces, upholstery, and carpets, that way your family members won’t keep coughing and sneezing while in the house, or feeling itchy each time they take a seat on that cosy sofa set.

House Cleaning
Our highly skilled and experienced crew pay attention to detail. Different houses, from the Federal Colonial homes which scream of wealth, with their tall columns, ornamentation and decorative embellishments, villas, manors and chateaus, Dutch Colonial styles with their flared eaves that extend over the porch, plus Mid-Century Modern constructions characterised by the simplistic designs, flat planes and the large glass rows, and even the Greek Revival architecture that features symmetrical shapes, a painted plaster exterior, plus bold moulding, are all given a personalised clean, enabling you to be satisfied with the quality of the results.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
You want your residence ready for the inspection by the landlord, so that you can get your security deposit back. The end of tenancy cleaning services come in to ensure that the premises has received a thorough clean. The light fittings and shades, dado rails, the spindles and banisters, fire surround and radiators, the mirrors, windows – from the glass itself to the sills and frames- these are all attended to. The shower screens in the bathrooms are descaled, cleaned and then polished, and the same applies for the bathtub basin, all through to the toilet bowl. The floors are thoroughly washed down, the hallways, corridors all through to the patio outside the residence are also worked on. It’s an all-round clean.

Once Off Cleaning
Our services will enable you to keep your home clean by being green. The processes and systems used get rid of the dirt and grime without posing a risk to Mother Nature. The products used by our once off cleaning personnel have passed the required EU regulations on environmental sustainability.


House Cleaning Citywest

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