House Cleaning Clondalkin - Eco Cleaning Services Clondalkin
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House Cleaning Clondalkin

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Clondalkin

House Cleaning Clondalkin


Rombis Cleaning is your local domestic and commercial cleaning company. We are based in the Clondalkin area and we deal with many local homeowners and business. Ask us for a free no obligation estimate right now!


Our cleaning services:


-carpet cleaning Clondalkin

-sofa cleaning Clondalkin

-floor cleaning Clondalkin

-upholstery cleaning Clondalkin

-house cleaning Clondalkin

-apartment cleaning Clondalkin

-end of tenancy cleaning Clondalkin

-once off cleaning Clondalkin

-office cleaning Clondalkin

-power washing services Clondalkin

-commercial cleaning Clondalkin

-industrial cleaning Clondalkin

-window cleaning Clondalkin



House Cleaning Clondalkin – Domestic services


Rombis Cleaning provides eco domestic cleaning services in Clondalkin. We are one of the busiest local cleaning companies. Our standard services include deep house cleaning services, deep apartment cleaning services, heavy duty once off cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning and once off commercial cleaning. Some properties require a lot of work while others only need small amounts of work. We will adjust our prices after a site inspection. We also do carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, window cleaning, power washing & upholstery cleaning.


House Cleaning Clondalkin – Commercial Cleaning


If you are looking for heavy duty commercial cleaning services in Clondalkin, Rombis Cleaning is your local cleaning company. Our state of the art cleaning equipment and our fully trained cleaners are sure to impress you. We are happy to contract once off office cleans, commercial floor cleaning and polishing, school cleaning and other types of industrial cleaning services. Free estimates guaranteed.


House Cleaning Clondalkin – Prices


Often if a service is very cheap then it will not equal good work or results, corners have to be cut somewhere. We aim to provide the best service to our customers and we do not believe in cutting corners, we have found a great balance between affordability and excellent service. Over the past few years we have invested in the latest technology and we have trained our cleaners to amazing levels. We can complete most types of cleaning services faster and better than our competition. We work overnight, over weekends and over bank holidays. We have a minimum charge of 130 euro that applies to all house and apartment cleaning services and 50 euro minimum charge that applies to other domestic cleaning services such as carpet cleaning and window cleaning. Commercial and industrial cleaning services have no minimum charge.


House Cleaning Clondalkin – Insurance


The last thing you would want to do is deal with an uninsured cleaning company. Working with powerful cleaning equipment and strong cleaning products can sometimes cause accidental damage, so insurance is a must in this industry. Rombis Cleaning is fully insured to contract any size commercial and domestic cleaning contract.


Book us in and let us impress you. We are open for business as you need us. Ask us for a free no obligation estimate right now.


House Cleaning Clondalkin

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