House Cleaning Coolock - Cheap Domestic & Commercial Cleaning
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House Cleaning Coolock

House Cleaning Coolock

House Cleaning Coolock

House Cleaning Coolock


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If you are looking for a professional cleaning company in Coolock, you need to check out Rombis Cleaning. Our company specialise in deep cleaning services and industrial once off cleans. We own powerful industrial cleaning equipment and all our cleaners are fully insured. Book an end of tenancy cleaning job from only 130 euro. Have your home or office carpets washed from only 50 euro. Book our cleaning services online right now!


House Cleaning Coolock

You want a home that you will be proud to show off. A residence where you can confidently host guests, and where you will look forward to coming home to every day. Where you will raise a happy family in. A place of peace and relaxation. Dirt comes in to spoil the party. Soiling covering the surfaces- walls, floors, countertops and cabinets, those stains on your furnishings and upholstery, grime in the appliances like ovens, all through to the HVAC units, that prevent them from working properly, gunk that has dried onto the windows and taken away their beauty- it all ruins the ambience of the house. The increased workload, especially coupled with the busy days that you have, adds to the frustration. Get things back in line by calling in our professional house cleaning crew.

Apartment Cleaning – House Cleaning Coolock
The modernised apartment cleaning gear used by our team ensures that every section of your home is covered: hot water extraction systems employed for areas like the carpets and sofa; scrubbers that dislodge the grime that has adhered to the fibres and hard surfaces; vacuuming systems delivering high-powered suction; microfiber technology for the dusting and mopping which picks up even the dirt particles that are too small for the eyes to see; waterfed poles that enable our crew to easily work on the windows- even those on the upper floors; to power washers that blast jets of pressurised water onto the exterior surfaces to boost your curb appeal.

House Cleaning – House Cleaning Coolock
Our house cleaning services are versatile. They cover the broad spectrum of architectural setups, from the farmhouses that emphasize on the agrarian lifestyle, cottages with their brick front walkways and even flowers adorning the entryway to enhance the curb appeal, styles like the Second Empire, Gothic revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, and Romanesque architecture that sprung from the Victorian era, Spanish homes with their quatrefoil windows which resemble flowers, all through to the Tudor-styled homes with their steeply pitched and multi-gabled roofing, townhouses in urban areas where scarcity of space makes them be put up side by side, all through to the suburban bungalows and contemporary homes.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – House Cleaning Coolock
As you move out, you have to leave the place clean. Landlords and letting agents have strict requirements that need to be met before giving you back your security deposit. In fact, this is stipulated in the tenancy agreement that you had signed before you moved in. However, you already have a lot to deal with, from the logistics of the move- like packing and transport, to preparing the new place for occupation. Leaving the current residence sparkling adds to your workload. A deep cleaning is required, which will take up time and energy. You don’t have to break your back on it all. Calling in the end of tenancy cleaning professionals will free you up to focus on the other aspects of the move, and deliver quality results, ensuring the premises is ready for inspection.

Once Off Cleaning – House Cleaning Coolock
With every passing day, more and more emphasis is being made on the need to use sustainable systems and processes for the safety of the environment. We employ this in our once off cleaning processes, where eco-friendly products are used, which deliver the required cleaning without increasing your carbon footprint.


House Cleaning Coolock

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