House Cleaning Donabate - Professional House Cleaners Donabate
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House Cleaning Donabate

House Cleaning Donabate

House Cleaning Donabate

House Cleaning Donabate


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If you are looking for a professional cleaning company in Donabate, you need to check out Rombis Cleaning. Our company specialise in deep cleaning services and industrial once off cleans. We own powerful industrial cleaning equipment and all our cleaners are fully insured. Book an end of tenancy cleaning job from only 130 euro. Have your home or office carpets washed from only 50 euro. Book our cleaning services online right now!


House Cleaning Donabate

When there is dirt all over the house, its beauty and appeal takes a hit. It takes away your peace of mind. You are barely able to relax when there are stains dotting your living room, or odours coming out of your furniture due to the organic grime that is decaying in it. It prevents you from concentrating on your tasks and even enjoying a good night’s sleep. Erupting into a bout of coughs the moment you hit the sheets at night, or cringing back after stepping into the shower because of the grime that is oozing down the bathroom walls- it’s a mess. Even the exteriors are not spared, from the windows to the patios and driveway leading up to your residence. You don`t want this to be your reality. Scheduling regular house cleaning sessions will prevent things from going down this route.

Apartment Cleaning – House Cleaning Donabate
State-of-the-art equipment and products are used for the apartment cleaning process- dusting gear that even gets to the ceiling fans; high-powered vacuums providing superior dry- and wet- vacuuming results; hot water extraction machinery for your upholstery and carpets; scrubbers that make dislodging the grime that’s adhered to the different materials easy; pure water window cleaning systems that don`t leave behind any residue on the glass; all through to polishing tools to bring back the shine to your surfaces. Different cleaning agents are used depending on the surfaces being worked on and the issue being tackled, from providing descaling action, dissolving the stains, and neutralising odours to disinfecting the surfaces.

House Cleaning – House Cleaning Donabate
Our services are available to the different kinds of residences. From ranch-style houses that typically feature long and open layouts in a single story, Colonial Revival houses which emphasise on symmetry, the Cape Cod architectures that are low and single-story buildings and usually have a large central chimney, the Victorian era designs that sprung forth in the latter half of the 19th century- the likes of the Queen Anne, Stick and Eastlake designs, to Shingle style residences that have shingles covering the large surfaces and even the Craftsman designs with their deep eaves, gabled roofing and exposed rafters – our team will give your home a thorough clean.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – House Cleaning Donabate
As you move out of your current space, ensuring the property is clean is key for you to get back your security deposit. Did you know that over have of the deposit disputes are about the state of cleanliness of the residence? The landlord or letting agent has stringent requirements that need to be met, and the tenant is already burdened with too much more involved with the logistics of the move, that not enough time and energy is devoted towards the actual clean. You don’t want these frustrations complicating your moving process. Hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning services will ensure that you get the quality results needed in readiness for the coming inspection.

Once Off Cleaning – House Cleaning Donabate
Our personnel is bound to deliver. They have been taken through thorough training, and have the experience needed to carry out the once off cleaning. The necessary background checks have also been carried out, with the rigorous vetting enabling you to rest assured that your property is in secure hands.


House Cleaning Donabate

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