House Cleaning Drumcondra - Cheap House Cleaners Drumcondra
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House Cleaning Drumcondra

House Cleaning Drumcondra

House Cleaning Drumcondra

House Cleaning Drumcondra


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Our minimum order for domestic cleaning services start from only 120 euro. You can book carpet cleaning services, window cleaning services or sofa cleaning services from only 50 euro. Eco cleaning products. Fully insured cleaning service. Professional cleaning company with over 12 years experience.


House Cleaning Drumcondra

You don`t want your elegant home becoming an eyesore. That dirt and grime that’s ruining the ambience needs to be got rid of. The stains that have set into your carpets, and upholstery, the gunk in your kitchen appliances and on the bathroom walls, the dirt spots making it difficult to see out of the window and enjoy the views- they prevent you from being comfortable in your own home. That`s certainly not how you want things playing out. The health of your family members is also put on the line. Being exposed to the pollutants, allergens and pathogens crawling around results in bodily discomfort and ailments, and not to mention the medical bills that follow. Protect your loved ones and restore the elegance to your home by scheduling professional house cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning – House Cleaning Drumcondra
The top-of-the-range apartment cleaning equipment used by our team reaches the high ceilings, getting rid of the cobwebs on the corners and the dust on the ceiling fans, the dark interior of the oven where grease deposits have been baked onto the surface, all through to deep into the fibres of the carpet, flushing out the grime held within. They remove embedded soiling, and polishing is also carried out to enhance the sheen of the surfaces and appliances in your home. The drying time is also reduced, such as with wet vacuuming, where the bulk of the moisture is removed through powerful suction.

House Cleaning – House Cleaning Drumcondra
Homes may come with their diverse features depending on the architectural style desired by the property owner, but the one constant is that dirt and grime affects them all. Our house cleaning services are available across the scope, from the Tudor style homes that are made with brick or stucco and typically feature ornate half timbers, Victorian era designs ranging from classicism, Regency architecture, plus Italianate style which gained influence in the period between 1820 and 1850s plus the Gothic Revival Style which was popular in the 1880s, Adobe Revival residences where the focus is on using organic materials, beach-front houses, to the bungalows, manors and Cape Cod residences, to the modern-era contemporary homes where the emphasis is on green-living.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – House Cleaning Drumcondra
You want a thorough clean carried out across the entirety of the property, from the bath and shower area, toilet, and sink, tiles and grout, mirrors, upholstery and the  light fixtures, and fittings, the pipes and plumbing that are visible; interior and exterior sides of the windows, the doors, and skirting, the cupboards, drawers and shelves, to the countertops, the ceiling, carpeting, furniture, plus appliances like the oven and dishwasher. Hiring our professional end of tenancy cleaning services will enable you to ensure that the task is done to quality standards.

Once Off Cleaning – House Cleaning Drumcondra


Our services are suitably priced, addressing the needs of your particular situation. For instance, the once off cleaning costs factor in the area size to be worked on, appliances such as the freezer and oven that you want to be attended to, all through to the number of rooms involved and exterior surfaces such as the driveway and patio.


House Cleaning Drumcondra

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