House Cleaning Dublin 12 - Low Cost House & Apartment Cleaning
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House Cleaning Dublin 12

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Dublin 12

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*** deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning from only 50 euro***


Turn To The Specialist House Cleaners

You want to get your home cleaned without toxic chemicals that will put your family members at risk. This ranges from the chemical residue that could be left behind on the surfaces and furnishings, all through to agents that generate fumes which lower the quality of the indoor air. Environmental effects go over to the outdoors. You don`t want a situation where toxic runoff gets to water bodies, affecting the biodiversity around your residence. With our house cleaning services, you won`t have to worry about that. Eco-friendly systems and solutions are used for the cleaning. The entire process, from the application, the cleaning itself, all through to the disposal of the waste material, is carried out using safe means.

Apartment Cleaning
There’s plenty that needs to be dealt with during the apartment cleaning- from the mounds of gunk that are buried within the carpet, the colonies of bacteria that are putting the health of your loved ones at risk, to the dust and stains covering the surfaces. Add to this the dust mites on your furniture, carpets and curtains. They feed on the skin flakes being shed by persons in the premises, and their faecal residue is an allergen. Did you know that your bed could have anywhere between 100,000 – 10 million dust mites? The health risks from being in a soiled space range from allergic reactions to infections caused by pathogens. The apartment cleaning process enables you to maintain a healthy indoor space.

House Cleaning
Our crew is up to the task, handling the different house cleaning needs. Whether it’s a Prairie styled home, embodying the organic architecture and horizontal lines, Craftsman designs associated with the arts And Crafts movement of the 20th century and incorporating deep eaves, gabled roofing and exposed rafters, Shingle styles with their shingles that cover the large, flat surfaces, Victorian Era designs such as the Queen Anne and Eastlake architectures that incorporate asymmetrical shapes, or Cape Cod that are popular in the suburbs together with bungalows, you can rest assured that our house cleaning team will deliver the expected quality of results.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
The moving process is hectic. From separating things- determining what you’ll keep and move with, what will be disposed or sold, items that will be gifted to your friends, and others that will be donated to charity, the actual packing- ordering boxes and markers, plus tape, and bubble wrapping those fragile items, scouring through multiple moving companies to determine which will be best suited to transport your belongings, arranging for the new schools to which your kids will be transferred to, dealing with formalities such as notifying your employer’s HR department, utility firms, bank, plus any magazine you subscribe to of the change in address- adding the cleaning job to your list of things is just going to tire you further, and compromise on the quality of the results. Don`t fret- our end of tenancy cleaning team is here for you.

Once Off Cleaning
Giving your house a thorough top-to-bottom wash, especially when it`s really messy from build-ups of grime over the weeks, and stains riddling the surfaces all over, can take up loads of time an energy. You’ve got plenty of over things to do, from spending time with your kids and significant other, engaging in your favourite hobby, to relaxing over those weekends and days off from work. Let us handle your once off cleaning needs, and deliver the required quality of results.


House Cleaning Dublin 12

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