House Cleaning Dublin 13 - Professional Cleaners In Dublin 13
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House Cleaning Dublin 13

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Dublin 13

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*** deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning from only 50 euro***


Turn To The Specialists For Your House Cleaning Needs

You want to walk into a clean home with a fresh aura, not be hit by malodours the moment you step through the front door. You should be able to relax on your sofa without coughing and sneezing because of the allergens that get raised into the airspace whenever you get onto the cushions. Even your kids and pets playing and rolling around on the carpet should do so without you worrying about them getting contaminated. What of your guests? You want them to be comfortable during their visit, not spend their time cringing their noses from the odours coming from the bathroom, or worrying about whether the stains on the furniture they are sitting on will get transferred onto their clothes. Ensure things are in top condition by scheduling regular house cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
Regular apartment cleaning is vital to eliminate the health risks being posed to your family members. Take for instance the bacteria in the home. The sofa arm alone can contain over 12 times more bacteria compared to a typical toilet seat, while the kitchen tap clocks over 230000 bacteria per square inch of surface. Then there are the allergens like dust, pet fur and dander plus pollen grains that are in the furniture and upholstery, resulting in coughing and sneezing, or even triggering asthma reactions. Add to this the dust mite waste, that`s everywhere from the carpets and sofa, to the mattress in your bed. The apartment cleaning services enable you to protect your loved ones.

House Cleaning
Every home deserves specialised care. Our team come on site with the equipment they need to attend to the task, and handle the wide range of residences- medieval architectures like the Gothic Revival designs with their steep gables and pointed arches, Francophile homes picking after 17th century manors, Provincial realism homes with their Storybook architecture borrowing designs like cobblestones and mismatched windows from the fairy tales, and contemporary houses gravitating towards reliance on sustainable and natural components, all through to Spanish style homes with their stucco and clay tiles, Tudor Revival architecture with its tall mullioned window and English styles going way back to the Middle Ages.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
When moving, there are numerous things that need to be done. First off is the formalities. Your utility companies- gas, electricity, and internet providers- need to be notified of the change of address, and so does your HR department at work, your credit card and insurance companies, plus the magazines that you subscribe to. Even your medical records need to be transferred from your current doctor to your new health care provider. Then there is dealing with your belongings- the packing involved, giving away those that you won’t be carrying with you, and finding a moving company that will transport the items. Adding a top-to-bottom cleaning of the residence to this will burden you. Free yourself up by leaving the task to our end of tenancy cleaning professionals.

Once Off Cleaning
Our convenient once off cleaning pricing enables you to make savings on your residence’s maintenance program. In addition, by preserving the structural integrity of the appliances and surfaces in the home, you get to cut down on costs of repair and replacement.


House Cleaning Dublin 13

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