House Cleaning Dublin 14 - Eco House Cleaners Dublin 14
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House Cleaning Dublin 14

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Dublin 14

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*** deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning from only 50 euro***


Bring In The Professional House Cleaning Crew

A dirty house has a ripple effect throughout the different sectors of your life. For starters, it’s difficult to relax when you`re surrounded by dirt and odours. Walking into a house that is laden with grime fouls up your mood, yet you should have been able to get home, kick up your feet at the sofa and unwind from a busy day at work. What of the frustration? After spending all that time and resources in getting draperies, furnishings and even carpeting that spruce up the decor, then watching them get ruined by stains all over them, it can get on your nerves. Your rate of hosting guests also tanks, since you keep dreading how the soiled state of the house will reflect on your personality. Restore the glam and charm to your residence by hiring house cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
The grime is a haven for germs. Those microbes feed on the decaying organic matter, ranging from food particles and dead skin cells, all through to body husks and faecal residue from insects. Some pathogens are transferred into the home from the outdoors, like those tracked in under your pet’s paws from its escapades out in the yard, or brought home from the gym locker-room. Add to this allergens such as dust mite waste, dust itself, and even pollen grains that are wafted into the building and end up on the hard surfaces, upholstery and carpeting. There could also be pests, be they the rodents attracted into the house by food particles, or fleas carried on your pets fur. Ensuring that the apartment cleaning is carried out regularly will keep your home in a healthy state.

House Cleaning
The services cut across the board, from contemporary-designed homes where aspects like maximising on natural light and energy efficiency, plus the use of sustainable materials are key, modern architecture that in truth draws its inspiration from the historical art movement of modernism in the second half of the 20th century, Italianate designs that are modelled from the villas of Italy with their decorative corbels, doorways and window cornices, to Prairie-style homes where practicality takes precedence without showing off, the Neoclassical style reflecting architecture of Greece and Rome, with its tall columns, evenly spaced windows and elaborate doorways to exude wealth. Whichever architectural design, our team is up to the task.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Is your family growing- more kids and pets being added to the household, and you’re moving out to a larger space that can accommodate them? Perhaps you’re an empty-nester, and with the kids having moved out to college or their own places, you’re looking to move to a smaller place that will be more conducive and where you’ll make more cost savings. Perhaps in your current residence there are constant issues with the neighbours, from those constantly playing loud music to frosty relations where you keep getting into loggerheads, and you want a peaceful setting. Job transfers, security concerns, financial position – there are numerous reasons why people choose to relocate to a different place. In order to make the move smoother, our end of tenancy cleaning services are available to take care of your needs.

Once Off Cleaning
Our budget friendly once off cleaning services will enable you to cut down on the costs you incur in your home maintenance efforts. The prices will factor in your particular needs, including the number and size of the rooms to be cleaned, aspects like carpets and the furnishings, to appliances such as the oven.

House Cleaning Dublin 14

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