House Cleaning Dublin 17 - Prices From Only 130 Euro
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House Cleaning Dublin 17

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Dublin 17

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*** deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning from only 50 euro***


Get Your House Cleaned By The Professionals

Odours in your home can make it unbearable. The sense of smell is so powerful that it tends to overpower the others. That is why you are barely able to focus on anything else and get work done when there are stenches pervading your nostrils. Add to this the unsightly stains on the furnishings and hard surfaces in the home, plus the pathogens feeding on the decaying organic matter in the residence, and the house that`s meant to be your getaway from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, becomes a prison-of-sorts. All that dirt and grime makes you feel trapped in your own home. Even hosting guests becomes an issue. After all, you don’t want your neighbours and in-laws walking in on you with such living conditions. Turn things around by calling up the expert residential cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
Getting rid of the dirt and grime is vital to enable you bring up your family in a healthy environment. You don`t want your loved ones constantly coughing, itching, and dealing with other allergic reactions or getting infected by the pathogens crawling around. There are also the contaminants to consider, with the likes of cigarette smoke in case there is a person who smokes in the residence. These get absorbed by the upholstery, increasing the amount of time of exposure, putting your family members at greater risk. With the professional apartment cleaning, the sanitation measures put in place enable you to rest assured that your family and guests coming over are safe.

House Cleaning
Our crew have the skills and equipment to handle the different house cleaning needs. From the one-story bungalows, cottages found in the countryside including the signature England-style cottages, duplexes where different houses are attached on one side, farmhouses in the lush green away from the city, and the contemporary homes in the suburbs, to the townhouses built for inner-city living, log cabins in the woods, to the large manors and chateaus, architectural styles like the renowned Victorian era designs and Georgian setups, and even mobile houses like caravans which are pulled behind trucks- they tend to the task thoroughly and deliver quality results each time.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
There’s a lot that needs to be accomplished during the end of tenancy cleaning in order for you to get your security deposit back. Cleaning the light fittings and shades, switches and dado rails, getting rid of the grime that’s in the carpets and furniture, and removing the stains that have formed on the floors, staircases and hallways, cleaning the mirrors, closets and others garage units in the bedroom, attending to the curtains and walls, washing down the countertops, oven, refrigerator and other items in the kitchen, all through to dealing with the dirt spots that have formed on the windows. Calling in the professionals will enable you to ensure that things get done right.

Once Off Cleaning
For those situations where you want a thorough top-to-bottom clean of the house, perhaps in preparation for an event or you’re reeling from the aftermath of one, you want a spring cleaning, or the house is simply in dire need of a thorough wash, our once off cleaning team is here for you.


House Cleaning Dublin 17

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