House Cleaning Dublin 18 - House Cleaning & Apartment Cleaning
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House Cleaning Dublin 18

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Dublin 18

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*** deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning from only 50 euro***


Getting Rid Of The Dirt In Your House

Health is a critical issue, especially when your family members are concerned. You don`t want your significant other, or the jovial kids playing around, winding up in hospital due to contaminants that are in the house. With all that dirt and grime riddling the interior space, your loved ones are at risk. This ranges from the allergens in the dust that accumulates on a daily basis, pathogens feeding on the mounds of organic matter and growing their colonies, pests like fleas that are brought into the house on the fur of your pet, all through to pollutants as is the case with cigarette smoke that gets absorbed by the upholstery, or issues like lead particles from paint oversprays. A quality cleaning will enable you to keep your loved ones safe.

Apartment Cleaning
We have made heavy investments in state-of-the-art cleaning systems to give your apartment a thorough wash. The equipment is specialised to the different situations, from high-powered vacuums and hot water extraction systems, to applicators that scrub the solutions and shampoos in the material, pure water systems for the windows and scrapers to deal with the gunk that’s stuck onto the glass, microfiber cloths that ensure no residue is left behind- we have it all. This ensures that the different areas in your residence are well addressed and that the job is done fast, without compromising on the desired quality of the results.

House Cleaning
The different kinds of residential establishments are catered to professionally by our house cleaning crew. From the popular bungalows, be they in the suburbs or countryside, log cabins which can serve as primary residences or are leased out to tourists as vacation homes- especially for those that have been set up in the woods, ranch-style homes with their large and open floor plans, those with prairie-designs, plus the massive manors built to exude wealth, to designs that take one back in time, such as those homes modelled after Victorian or Georgian era architectures, those taking up the Mid-Century Modern architectures, and even the trendy contemporary designs- our house cleaning crew handles them all.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
What`s on your end of tenancy cleaning checklist? There`s dealing with the cupboards and shelves, cleaning out the dishwasher, washing machine, and even units like the oven, cleaning the refrigerator and giving those fridge trays and racks a thorough scrub, attending to the carpets out in the living room heading to the bathroom and dealing with the sink, toilet bowl, tiles and grout, the mirrors and the bathtub itself, clearing the plug holes and drains, removing any limescale build up on the taps, shower head and drain gates, going to the windows, getting rid of the scuff marks that are on the walls and skirting boards, washing the furniture to remove stains, odours and dirt particles, and even attending to items like the curtains. All this while you have the rest of the moving logistics to handle. Don’t strain yourself. Let our end of tenancy cleaning team take care of the job for you.

Once Off Cleaning
With the once off cleaning services, you get to protect your investment. Those mounds of grime that are affecting the functionality of your appliances or the soiling that is wearing down the fibres and hard surfaces of the home- they are all got rid of. In addition, the affordable nature of our services means that you get to have an in-depth cleaning carried out without straining your budget. There are no hidden costs to worry about.


House Cleaning Dublin 18

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