House Cleaning Dublin 20 - Cheap House Cleaning Services Dublin 20
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House Cleaning Dublin 20

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Dublin 20

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Hire Professional House Cleaning Services

Dirt in the home can be psychologically overwhelming. First, there are the stains on the furnishings, upholstery and hard surfaces that take away their beauty, ruining the decor of the residence. Add to this the odours emanating from the decaying organic matter, be it from the bathrooms or the gunk in the carpets, and spreading throughout the rest of the interior space. The odours make your home unbearable, and can`t be ignored since the sense of smell has the knack of overpowering the other senses. Your visitors walking into your home and being hit by a gust of foul odours is not how you want things to go. Even catching a good nightâ rest proves to be difficult, since the mind will be nagging you about the chores that are pending. Our residential cleaning services come in to turn things around. They include:

Apartment Cleaning
Our personnel come with the latest in apartment cleaning technology in order to carry out a superb job on your premises. The various surfaces and appliances in your home are given a thorough scrubbing, getting rid of the set in stains, the stubborn dirt spots, and the greasy residue that has accumulated. From equipment that gets to the grime deep within the carpet, to clearing the dirt that`s at the top of ceiling fans, the high rise windows on the upper floors to burrowing under the bed, the various surfaces are given specialised attention. Disinfection measures are also carried out, including on those frequently touched surfaces like door handles and light switches, to germy breeding grounds such as toilet hinges.

House Cleaning
Our services are available across the scope- from those detached single family homes that are located in the suburbs, condominiums like duplexes and triplexes, townhouses where the homes are aligned in rows and sharing walls, the classic bungalows that have been popular since the 1900s, the ranch-style house with its larger footprint compared to a bungalow, the luxurious cottages which many transform into vacation homes, the minimalist cabin, all through to the chalet with its steep roof and long overhangs, the in-law suites (basement suites) where the family home has an in-built unit which is rented out to add income to the household, and even carriage houses which are typically reserved for guests.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
You want to ensure a quality job is carried out. Your security deposit- and time- are on the line. Calling in our expert end of tenancy cleaning crew will enable you to get things done right, and in moments. They will clean the bedroom furniture and storage units, thoroughly scrub the carpet and remove those stubborn stains, clean the light fittings and shades, light switches, dado rails, wall pictures, fire surround and radiators, all through to the curtain rails, spindles and banisters. The upholstery is worked on, together with the drawers and shelves, and the windows cleaned both internally and externally. Kitchen surfaces like the countertops and units like the oven are also attended to.

Once Off Cleaning
Looking for a spring cleaning? Perhaps you`re preparing your home for a family or neighbourhood get-together and you want things ready for when they arrive. You may even have held a party in your household that threw everything in shambles, and are looking to restore order to your residence. Our once off cleaning team will get the job done for you.


House Cleaning Dublin 20

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