House Cleaning Dublin 24 - House Cleaning From Only 130 Euro
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House Cleaning Dublin 24

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Dublin 24

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*** deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning from only 50 euro***


House Cleaning Professionals You Can Rely On

Dirt spots dotting the surfaces in your homes, stains that ruin the intricate colour patterns that set up the decor, odours from decaying organic matter- the grimy and dirty home can be unbearable. Your house is meant to be your place of peace, but walking through the front door and finding it all soiled can put one on edge. It`s a chaotic setting that even affects your hosting abilities. You won`t be looking forward to inviting guests over when the residence is in tatters. It reflects poorly on your image, be it in front of your friends, that dashing date who you’d have wanted to impress, or the ever-critical in-laws. Moreover, the grime increases the risks of your family members getting ill, with all the pathogens crawling about. Get things back in order with quality house cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
Those set in stains and stubborn dirt spots are removed using our high quality apartment cleaning systems, together with the tough acting solutions that are incorporated into the process. From the food and ink stains on the furniture and countertops, the mounds of grime buried deep in the carpet, dirt spots on the windows and doors, the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling, gunk that’s under the furniture or hidden in the crevices of the cabinets and bookshelves- we have the equipment to access the different areas, ensuring a thorough apartment cleaning is carried out on each visit. Hot water extraction systems, autoscrubbers and state-of-the-art vacuum technology, to pure water cleaning systems for the windows- we have it all.

House Cleaning
Be it a Victorian house having classicism, Regency architecture, the 1820s to 1850s Italianate style or the Gothic Revival Style from the 1880s, the stylish Tuscan architecture, Tudor style homes that draw their inspiration from the medieval period, or a ranch-style home, prairie architecture with horizontal band windows, modern styles that put emphasis on eclecticism and the lavishness that sprouted way back from the Victorian era, to the more recent Art Nouveaus detail-oriented designs, plus the traditional homes that that are a combination of different styles, yet featuring the basic features like stucco exteriors, open foyers, covered porches and steeper roof pitches, our house cleaning team has got you covered.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
There are plenty of things that need to be done during the end of tenancy cleaning. For instance, in the kitchen, the work surfaces need to be washed and polished, the insides of the cupboards and drawers cleaned, together with the sinks and taps, the wall tiles degreased, and the interior of the oven cleaned to remove the built up grease, in the bathroom, the shower screens need to be descaled and the soap plus shampoo deposits removed from the bathtub, and also dealing with issues like limescale that has accumulated in the showerhead. Add to this the carpets, furniture, windows and other exterior surface of the residence. Hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning services will ensure that the tasks are carried out to quality standards.

Once Off Cleaning
You get quality results delivered at friendly rates. The affordable pricing of the once off cleaning services is structured to account for your particular needs. This factors in issues such as the size of the rooms the appliances being attended to, aspects like carpet cleaning, all through to the level of soiling involved. The deep cleaning protects the structural integrity of the areas that are worked on, with the increased durability enhancing their life and enabling you to cut down on costs of repair and replacement down the road


House Cleaning Dublin 24

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