House Cleaning Dublin 9 - Deep Cleaning Services From Only 130 Euro
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House Cleaning Dublin 9

House Cleaning Dublin 9

House Cleaning Dublin 9

House Cleaning Dublin 9


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*** book a deep cleaning from only 130 euro ***


House Cleaning Dublin 9

Dirt and entertaining guests don`t go hand in hand. How often do you have friends and relatives coming over when the house is in a sorry state? Odds are that you’d just cancel the plans. After all, you don`t want them thinking negatively of you based on the dirt and grime that has turned your house into a mess. No one looks forward to those judgemental looks from the neighbours, or the mortifying questions from the in-laws. Trying to justify the stains, dirt spots and odours can put you at loggerheads with them, straining the relationships. The chaos also takes away your peace of mind, affecting everything from your relaxation time, showers, food preparation, all through to sleeping at night. Calling in the house cleaning experts will enable you take back control of the situation.

Apartment Cleaning – House Cleaning Dublin 9
That organic matter is a magnet for insects, creepy crawlers and rodents: from the ants coming to feed on the fruit particles, those juice spills that form sticky spots, to the bed bugs in the bedroom coming out at night to harass you, rats and mice scavenging for food crumbs in the furniture, carpets and on the floor, the annoying flies that are attracted to the decomposing matter; cockroaches hiding in the cooks and crannies of your kitchen plus the heating pipes and drains- coming out under the cover of darkness to look for a quick meal, plus even issues like meal moths in the cupboards and pantries. Getting rid of the source of the problem through an in-depth apartment cleaning protects your home from an infestation.

House Cleaning – House Cleaning Dublin 9
Our house cleaning crew will ensure the work is done according to schedule. Whether you have a Spanish-style house with its square pillars, arched corridors, and arcaded porches, Victorian era architecture that’s more about beauty with its bright colours, ornate trim, large porches and multi-faceted rooflines, the simplistic cottages where the emphasis is on being cosy and comfortable without breaking the bank, or a bungalow in the city suburbs, a farmhouse that has large spaces plus an informal but inviting exterior, Oriental architecture that has heavy Chinese influence on the styling, the cleaning will be carried out to professional standards each time.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – House Cleaning Dublin 9
This encompasses numerous aspects. They range from washing and polishing the kitchen countertops, cleaning the insides of the drawers and removing the limescale that has formed in the sink, degreasing the walls and removing the grime that`s in the extractor. The oven is cleaned, and so is the washing machine and dishwasher. Even the blinds- both their interior and exterior are given a thorough wash. The bathtub, shower and fittings are descaled, the soap and shampoo residue coating the walls removed, and the mirrors cleaned and polished. The windows, floors, and hallways- they are all attended to. Using professional end of tenancy cleaning services will ensure that you get quality results, and receive your security deposit back from your landlord.

Once Off Cleaning – House Cleaning Dublin 9
Your home is unique, and so are its cleaning needs. As such, our once off cleaning prices are structured to address your particular situation. The costs factor in the number of rooms you want cleaned and their size, the appliances like ovens and refrigerators that will be worked on, all through to aspects like carpeting. This ensures that you get a value return for the amount you spend.


House Cleaning Dublin 9

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