House Cleaning Finglas - Once Off Cleaning & End Of Tenancy Cleaning
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House Cleaning Finglas

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Finglas

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Book a professional domestic or commercial cleaner in Finglas. Have your business or home deep cleaned by one of the most recommended cleaning company in Finglas. We specialise in deep house cleaning services and commercial end of tenancy cleaning services. Fully insured. Eco products. Book our services online


Call Up The Specialist House Cleaning Crew

Odours in the living room make it unbearable. They can be coming from the carpet, furniture or even being wafted in from the bathroom. Stains dotting your hard surfaces, from the countertops and walls to the floors, ruin the intricate blend of colours. Guests coming to visit you will be reluctant to take a seat when the sofa is covered in food and drink spills, or pet fur and dander which they fear will get attached to their clothes. Your own comfort is taken away because the chaotic scenes make you feel that things are getting out of control in your own house. Add to this the health risks involved, from the colonies of pathogens that are residing in the grime, to the allergens that trigger reactions when they get onto the skin on in the respiratory system. Protect your loved ones by scheduling regular house cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
The thorough cleaning measures employed by our personnel get rid of those stubborn stains that are ruining the ambiance, dissolve the grime that has adhered to the hard surfaces and carpeting, and get rid of those dirt spots dotting your windows. Odour neutralisers tackle the foul smells, rendering the molecules themselves inert, and also leave behind a lovely scent in their wake. Different systems are used for the apartment cleaning process depending on the area being worked on, from dusting gear and microfiber tools, scrubbing machinery and hot water extraction systems, polishing tools, all through to power washers for those exterior surfaces of the establishment.

House Cleaning
Our deep cleaning extends to the different types of houses- from bungalows, log cabins, ranch- and prairie-style homes, manors, villas, those with Victorian era architecture, Mid-century modern styles or the latter contemporary designs that incorporate energy-saving features and emphasise on green living, medieval architectures like Gothic Revival designs, and French Provincial homes drawing inspiration from the 17th century structures, all through to Spanish Colonial Revival with tell-tale signs like stucco and clay tiles, the half-timbering and herringbone brickwork Tudor Revival designs, all through to the mobiles houses like caravans pulled by trucks, or those prefabricated in industries, dismantled and reassembled on site.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
In order to attract new tenants and justify your monthly rental premiums, the residence needs to be in top condition. Interested persons will be assessing the condition of the property, in order to ascertain whether or not it has been properly taken care of. An enhanced curb appeal and a well-maintained interior enable you to boost your marketing efforts. As such, after the current tenants move out, you’ll want things ready for your open house, that way you will generate leads and seal deals, keeping your rental income flowing into your accounts. The end of tenancy cleaning services come in to ensure that the various rooms are taken care of professionally to yield quality results.

Once Off Cleaning
Our once off cleaning services acknowledge that the key to a greener future is in all our hands, which is why we use eco-friendly solutions and systems to get rid of the grime in your residence. The cleaning agents are safe for Mother Nature, and your family members too. There won’t be any toxic fumes being released into the airspace, meaning you won’t end up incurring medical costs.


House Cleaning Finglas

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