House Cleaning Foxrock - Professional House Cleaning Company
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House Cleaning Foxrock

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Foxrock

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Book a professional domestic or commercial cleaner in Foxrock. Have your business or home deep cleaned by one of the most recommended cleaning company in Finglas. We specialise in deep house cleaning services and commercial end of tenancy cleaning services. Fully insured. Eco products. Book our services online


Dial Up The Specialists To Clean Your House

Taking a hot shower after a busy day doesn’t feel as effective when scum and grime are covering the bathroom walls. Enjoying those TV shows while relaxing on the soft and cosy sofa is hindered by the odours emanating from it, plus the allergens that trigger incessant coughing and sneezing. The same case applies when the upholstery, mattresses, floor and other surfaces in the bedroom are covered in dust and allergens. The unsightly nature of the food and drink spills on your walls, countertops and furniture sets also ruins the elegance of the affected items, dragging down the ambience of the interior space in the process. Add to this the health risks that come with all the pathogens calling your carpet and other surfaces their home. Get rid of the grime using professional house cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
Our apartment cleaning team employs fast systems that are geared towards delivering quality results while minimising the interruption to your normal day-to-day activities. The highly efficient systems tackle the various dirt and stains problems on the premises, giving your apartment a facelift. Microfiber tools, hot water extraction systems, power washers, dusting tools, waterfed poles systems- we have them all, for the different sections of the premises. The cleaning solutions used pack a punch, making the process a breeze. Additional properties such as odour neutralisation, disinfection and descaling come in to make the process an all-round clean.

House Cleaning
Each residence receives a thorough clean- from Prairie homes that embody the horizontal lines and “organic architecture” of the Arts and Crafts movement, the Craftsman style that comes with features such as gabled roofing, deep eaves and exposed rafters, the plainer Shingle Style which is (no surprise here) covered in shingles, the Victorian Era architecture that was predominant towards the close of the 19th century and incorporates decorative trims, steep rooflines and asymmetrical shapes, all through to Tudor Revival that traces its roots to the Middle Ages, bungalows that are popular for the suburbs, and the townhouses that are positioned in the heart of the city.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
As a landlord, you`ll want to set a precedence on how your property should be taken care of. After the current tenants have moved out, you will want to ensure that the soiled surfaces, grime in units like the oven, stained upholstery for those who provide fully-furnished spaces, all through to the bathroom surfaces with scale deposits and the windows are taken care of. That can be handled by our end of tenancy cleaning professionals, ensuring that the premises is ready for showcasing to the prospecting tenants. It will show them that the property is well maintained, thus winning them over, and also set the standards at which you will want it handed back to your at the end of their lease.

Once Off Cleaning
You want an energy efficient home. Overworking your AC unit, or using too much power to run the oven and refrigerator will rack up your energy bills at the end of the month. The dirt and grime building up in the units affects their functionality and in extreme levels can even result in system failure. Scheduling a once off cleaning session will enable you to prevent things from turning out this way.


House Cleaning Foxrock

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