House Cleaning Harold`s Cross - House Cleaning From 120 Euro
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House Cleaning Harold`s Cross

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Harold`s Cross

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Hire professional house cleaners only. Hire people with local knowledge & years of experience. Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd. We specialise in deep apartment cleaning services, once off cleaning services & carpet cleaning services. Book your one stop cleaning company


Turn To The Professionals For Your House Cleaning Needs

When your home is soiled, it impacts on your hosting abilities. No likes those embarrassing questions about the soiled interior when guests come over. “Where’s that smell coming from?” “Are you sure that this sofa is safe to seat on?” “What on earth is happening here?” The stares, judging eyes, cringed noses- it reflects poorly on your personality. You want to be able to host guests without finding yourself in a position where you have to over-explain yourself. There are instances when one ends up cancelling dates altogether. This puts a strain on relationships. When your friend keeps on asking to come over and you keep postponing it, seeds of doubt are cast. Scheduling regular residential cleaning services will prevent things from getting out of hand.

Apartment Cleaning
Germs crawling around the home put your loved ones at risk. Some are tracked into the building, others fall off the handbags that were everywhere- from the bus and trams to the public restrooms, and then there are those from the raw veggies and meat products getting chopped and diced up in the kitchen. In case there are persons who are ill, then there will be strains coughed and sneezed all over the interior space. These pathogens are transferred from one area to another, especially with frequently used items such as the furniture sets, or touched surfaces like door handles and light switches. As such, disinfecting products are used as part of the apartment cleaning, to destroy the germ colonies and enhance the health standards of your home.

House Cleaning
Our services are broad, covering the different types of houses. From the English Cottages, country homes, contemporary styles that go with the trend, and farmhouses with their characteristic porch that stretches on the area in front of the house and wraps around either side or to the rear, to the French architectures with their asymmetrical exteriors and mixture of ornate elements, Federal Colonial designs with plain surfaces that have a tempered detail, Georgian architecture that features a symmetrical, centre-entry facade and two-storey house, or Mediterranean styles with their cheerful and bright exteriors, our house cleaning team brings on board its expertise to give your home a top-to-bottom clean.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Here, it is time for a fresh start, and you`re looking to move to a different residence. It can be due to a myriad of reasons. Perhaps you`ve recently received a job transfer, or you`re looking for a bigger space that can accommodate the growing family. Your kids may have moved out to college and are setting their own roots, and you want to move to a smaller area that is more conducive. Perhaps there has been some financial distress, and you want to find a more affordable premises with lower taxes and monthly bills. On the other hand, you may have finally saved enough or got a raise and you want to reward yourself with a new premises in a posh estate. The first step will be clearing out of your current residence, and part of this entails getting a thorough end of tenancy cleaning carried out. We can handle it for you.

Once Off Cleaning
You don`t want to spend hours and loads of energy scrubbing at those stains and dirt spots that have formed on the numerous surfaces in your home. Perhaps you`ve just had a party, or you`re looking for a spring cleaning to jumpstart the residence and get you ready for the warm and bright months ahead. Free yourself to engage in activities you enjoy, by leaving the once off cleaning to our abled crew.


House Cleaning Harold`s Cross

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