House Cleaning Hollystown - Cheap House Cleaning Service Hollystown
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House Cleaning Hollystown

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Hollystown

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Hire professional house cleaners only. Hire people with local knowledge & years of experience. Hire Rombis Cleaning Ltd. We specialise in deep apartment cleaning services, once off cleaning services & carpet cleaning services. Book your one stop cleaning company


Turn To The Professional House Cleaning Services

Do you want to invite friends and family over, even for just a cup of coffee, but dread the looks you`ll get because of the soiled state of the house? Dirt, grime, stains and odours take away the appeal of the residence. Your hosting abilities take a hit. After all, no one looks forward to those embarrassing questions about the sorry state of affairs, and the judgemental looks from the in-laws. What of when one drops by unannounced? You end up mumbling through excuses, trying to justify the condition of the house. Keeping on cancelling dates further strains relationships. You don`t want the dirt in your house taking over your life. Take back control by scheduling residential cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
The grime build-up exposes your family members to a wide range of reactions and ailments. The dust settling onto the surfaces from the air above, soiling tracked in under peoples shows, dust mite faecal waste and body parts, the gunk that insects leave behind- they cause issues like coughing and sneezing, trigger asthma attacks, worsen conditions like bronchitis, and even inflame eczema. Should the dust contain flame retardant compounds such as PBDEs (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers) used with furniture, textiles and carpet padding, they can get into the body can affect the brain and hormone system. The longer the exposure to the dust, the greater the extent of the damage. Apartment cleaning eliminates both the large and small particles strewn all over the surfaces of your home.

House Cleaning
We clean the wide range of houses regardless of their architectural style. From the bungalows that have remained popular for over a century, the Cape Cod style that’s right out of the colonial era, beach houses with their wide and eclectic porches, Adobe Revival houses that are designed to resemble cob and rammed-earth buildings, and the contemporary style homes with their large plate glass windows, to the country houses, the modest and cosy English cottage, Craftsman style houses with the overhanging beams, shingle siding and rafters in the open porches plus a deep gable roof- you can rest assured that our team will meet your house cleaning needs.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
The moving process can be a hustle, and you don`t want things being worsened by low quality cleaning. In order to get your security deposit back, a thorough job needs to be carried. This can be achieved by calling in the end of tenancy cleaning experts. Our personnel will attend to your bathrooms, removing the stains on the sinks, bathtub, tiles, dirt spots on the mirrors, wash down the toilet, get rid of the limescale deposits in the showerheads, taps and drain grates, head over to the kitchen and clean down the cupboards and shelves, remove the grime that has built up in the oven and dishwasher, attend to your windows, wash the floors and furniture, and even clean the carpets in the residence.

Once Off Cleaning
Giving the house a top-to-bottom clean, working on the numerous surfaces especially after the dirt spots and stains have piled up over time, can take a toll on you. It’s a labour intensive job, but it needs to be done. You shouldn`t live in a soiled and dilapidated state. For your once off cleaning needs, call in our crew to revitalize your residential space.


House Cleaning Hollystown

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