House Cleaning Irishtown - Low Cost Domestic Cleaning Services
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House Cleaning Irishtown

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Irishtown

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Professional cleaning services in Irishtown. Rombis Cleaning Ltd specialise in deep once off cleaning services. We are happy to contract light and heavy duty domestic cleaning services. Book our services online. Check out our special deals & packages. Book a special deal + carpet cleaning & window cleaning and save over 30%


Professional House Cleaning Services To Meet Your Needs

A dirty interior can make you feel as though you’re losing grip over your life. Coming home to a chaotic setting, dirt spots over the surfaces, stains riddling the countertops and floors, stale smells hanging in the air- it can be frustrating. Relaxing in your own house becomes difficult, yet it`s the one place where you are supposed to be at peace. Raising a family in this setting becomes a tall order, and for couples it can even strain the relationships. This is because the dirty environment can serve as a trigger or fuel to arguments that they have. What of guests? How will you confidently host your friends and family in the middle of all that gunk? How will it reflect on you as a person? Fix things by getting a thorough cleaning job carried out all through the premises.

Apartment Cleaning
Health is key. The dirt and grime is a haven for germs, that thrive on the surface of your apartment in hordes. These can get into the body system, causing infections like food poisoning, staph and skin infections. From the countertops where raw meat products and vegetable fresh from the garden are handled, to those frequently touched areas like the door knobs, remote controllers and toilet flush handles, infections can easily spread. Add to this allergens like dust, pet fur and dander, plus the faecal residue left behind by the dust mites crawling around the furnishings, mattresses and even carpet. These cause symptoms like coughing and sneezing, itchy skin and watery eyes, and exacerbate conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. Regular apartment cleaning sessions will enable you to keep things in check.

House Cleaning
Which type of house do you want cleaned? Our team takes care of the wide range of architectural styles, from the renowned Georgian Colonial homes where the emphasis is on symmetry, or the Dutch Colonial architecture with its dormers and porches with flared eaves extending over them, homes with contemporary and modern architecture, where the styles follow the prevailing trends including aspects such as having eco-friendly setups, plus the Bungalow and Craftsman style homes which sprung forth with the Arts and Crafts Movement in the 20th century- and features aspects like interior floor plans with built-in furniture, large fireplaces and exposed beams, to designs that go way back in time , such as the Cape Cod homes that get their inspiration from designs in the 1600s.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Is it time to move out of your residence? This can be as a result of recent developments in your life- perhaps a job transfer, new kids in the family, or you’ve grown closer with your date and have decided to take things a notch higher and move in together. Age too is a factor. As we grow older, the need to move to an area with close proximity to medical facilities comes in. There are also those who want to be closer to family, such as grandparents wanting to be in a location where their grandkids can be easily dropping by for visits. You may even be an empty-nester, where the kids have come of age and moved out to start a life on their own, and suddenly there’s too much room such that you want to move to a smaller and more conducive place. Clearing things with your current landlord requires an end of tenancy cleaning to be carried out, and our crew are here for you.

Once Off Cleaning
Our once off cleaning service increases the energy efficiency of your home by getting rid of the dirt and grime that is impeding proper functioning of the various systems- from the grime in the vents and filters of the air conditioning system, layers of gunk on the window preventing smooth heat flow, to appliances like refrigerators and ovens, where the grime causes them to use up more energy to carry out their tasks.


House Cleaning Irishtown

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