House Cleaning Kilbarrack -Apartment Cleaning Kilbarrack
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House Cleaning Kilbarrack

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Kilbarrack

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Domestic and industrial cleaning services in Kilbarrack. Rombis Cleaning Ltd specialise in deep once off cleaning services. We are happy to contract light and heavy duty domestic cleaning services. Book our services online. Check out our special deals & packages. Book a special deal + carpet cleaning & window cleaning and save over 30%


Professional House Cleaning Services To Get The Job Done Right

Are your family members safe? Your home is where you bond and spend quality time with each other, away from the demands and hectic life of the outdoors. You want to have a conducive ambience that enables your loved ones to thrive. The pathogens brought about by dirt and grime come in the way of that. Thriving on the organic waste that is riddling the surfaces, furnishings and even the carpets, plus the warm conditions therein, the germs grow in numbers, putting your family members at risk. This is in addition to the allergens that are already building up, from the dust to substances like pollen grains and dust mite waste. Add to this cigarette smoke particles and other pollutants that get absorbed by the material like the sofa fibres, and the risks get compounded. Protect your loved ones by scheduling regular house cleaning services.

Apartment Cleaning
Our personnel comes on site with high quality machinery to work on the different surfaces in all the rooms of the home. The equipment and solutions used depend on the particular surfaces being attended to, be they the absorbent carpets and sofa sets, the fragile glass mirrors and windows, porcelain surfaces, ceramic tile walls, or marble countertops, wood or concrete floors- the apartment cleaning crew handles them all. That way you won’t have to worry about the structural integrity of the materials being put at risk. The cleaning agents easily emulsify the grease residue and dissolve the dirt spots, neutralise the odours and even disinfect the surfaces.

House Cleaning
Our house cleaning team cater to the different kinds of residences- farmhouses with their steeply pitched roofing running along the length of the house, the modest and cosy cottages, Craftsman style architecture that embraces simplicity and handicrafts, and contemporary style homes that are ever-changing with the prevailing trend, and today emphasise on green-living with elements that focus on energy efficiency and maximising on natural light, all through to Colonial era designs that were all about the symmetry, or the asymmetrical Victorian era homes that focused mainly on the beauty of the architecture.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Meeting your end of tenancy cleaning requirements will enable you to get your security deposit back. This is in line with the tenancy agreement that you signed with your landlord before you moved into the residential space. The various areas in the residence need to be attended to, from the highly trafficked staircases and hallways, the windows, walls and furniture, cleaning of the curtains and ensuring that both sides of the slats are cleaned for those buildings that have venetian blinds, thoroughly washing the bathroom surfaces from the sink showerheads and mirrors, to the toilet, tub and the surrounding tiles, plus the kitchen and bedroom- it’s an ardours job. Get it done right in moments by hiring the end of tenancy cleaning experts.

Once Off Cleaning
Each and every member of our crew has been taken through thorough screening and stringent training on the various aspects of the once off cleaning processes. This means you can trust them while on your property, and that they will deliver quality results in each session. In addition, they are a friendly lot, attending to your property as their own, and they will be sure to answer any queries that you may have about the processes being carried out. They will even notice issues that could result in potential problems down the road, and alert you of them so that you can arrange to have them resolved and avoid losses later on.


House Cleaning Kilbarrack

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