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House Cleaning Killiney

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Killiney

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Domestic and industrial cleaning services in Killiney. Rombis Cleaning Ltd specialise in deep once off cleaning services. We are happy to contract light and heavy duty domestic cleaning services. Book our services online. Check out our special deals & packages. Book a special deal + carpet cleaning & window cleaning and save over 30%


Professional House Cleaning Services For You

The mess piling up in your home can be frustrating. It makes the place appear distraught and chaotic, psychologically affecting you and the guests coming over. The dirt spots and stains strewn over the surfaces ruin the decor, and odours permeating throughout the interior space mean that you won`t be able to focus on anything else while they are pervading your nostrils. What does it say about your image? Those friends and relatives dropping by to say hi will no doubt be taken aback by a residence that is dishevelled. There’s also the health risks, as all that grime is a germ haven. You don`t want your loved ones being exposed to contaminations, with the discomfort and medical bills that follow. Call in our professionals to give your home a thorough clean.

Apartment Cleaning
We don’t push the dirt deeper into the fibres, or shift it to a hidden spot where it is obscured from view, like the rookie contractors. Our professional crew actually remove the dirt and grime from your property, using high-powered equipment. The systems used get to the soiling that is hidden in between the boards, deep in the carpet’s fibres, and even high on the ceiling corners. From the dirt spots on the windows to the urine scale in the toilet bowl- they are all got rid of. The apartment cling solutions are tough on the stains but gentle on the underlying surface. Additional buffing is also carried out to keep the sink faucets and mirrors sparkling.

House Cleaning
Our team works on the different types of architectures. From the Mid-Century Modern designs that sprung forth during the 1950s, Contemporary architecture that changes with the trends, Mountain architecture styles with its rugged outer surface, Prairie homes with their horizontal lines, hipped or flat roofs, Ranch houses known for their lengthy and dense ground profile, traditional homes that feature simple hipped roofs and stucco exteriors, to Tudor styles homes with their long rows of casement windows and rubblework masonry, the rustic Tuscan architecture where the walls are mainly limestone and shale, and even Victorian houses that draw inspiration for the styles that were prominent in the late 1800s- we clean them all.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Are you in the process of moving out of your residence? In order to get your security deposit back, you’ll need to meet the terms stipulated in the tenancy agreement that you had signed with your landlord. This includes ensuring that the residence is clean. From the bathroom, where the sink, tub, toilet, mirrors and tiles need to be given a thorough wash, issues like removing scum and limescale deposits that that have built up on the surfaces, dealing with the cupboards and shelves in the kitchen, together with appliances like the oven, refrigerator and even dishwasher, getting rid of the stains that are on the walls, floors and countertops, and even washing the mirrors- you want to ensure that it is done to quality standards- and that’s right up the alley of our end of tenancy cleaning professionals.

Once Off Cleaning
Your trust is key, and we aim to protect it. Our personnel will treat your home like their own, ensuring that the different aspects of the job are handled with care. The rigorous training and years of experience that they have under their belt enables them to deliver on their mandate, ensuring that the once off cleaning is carried out to quality standards. They will also serve you courteously and respond to any queries that you may have, to ensure that you are satisfied with the broad spectrum of the services.


House Cleaning Killiney

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