House Cleaning Kilternan - Low Cost Domestic Cleaning Services
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House Cleaning Kilternan

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Kilternan

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Domestic and industrial cleaning services in Kilternan. Rombis Cleaning Ltd specialise in deep once off cleaning services. We are happy to contract light and heavy duty domestic cleaning services. Book our services online. Check out our special deals & packages.


Looking For Professional House Cleaning Services? We’re Here For You


You don’t want your home being riddled with pathogens and pests. These thrive in colonies in the carpeting, furniture, all through to the hard surfaces in the residence, exposing the family members to risk. Those food crumbs that are deposited onto the surfaces and upholstery are a magnet for insects ranging from ants to cockroaches, and in some cases mice and other rodents can come calling. As they feed on the organic waste, the faecal residue that they leave behind also contains pathogens. Add to this the numerous allergens ranging from dust and pollen grains to pollutants like cigarette smoke particles that are absorbed by the sofas, carpeting and even walls. An in-depth house cleaning to get rid of these substances is vital to protect your loved ones.


  • Apartment Cleaning

The high-powered gear used by our apartment cleaning team ensures the process is carried out fast, without compromising on the desired quality of the results. This enables you to accurately make your plans, and minimises the disruptions to your day-to-day activities. The cleaning agents come with different properties. There are those specially designed to tackle the stains, others for dealing with heavy soiling build-ups, all through to those which provide descaling action. Odour neutralisers are also incorporated into the process, thus as the source of the foul smells is being removed, the odours themselves are got rid of and replaced with pleasant fragrances. Disinfecting agents come in to destroy the pathogens, and enhance the health standards of your apartment.


  • House Cleaning

Regardless of the style and setting of the establishment, our crew have the skills and equipment to handle the diverse cleaning needs. From Tuscan, Tudor, and Victorian era styles of architecture, English cottages that are modest and cosy abodes, farmhouses with their horizontal siding and shutters, Federal Colonial or the Georgian style that it is modified after, to designs from the Neoclassical age, Prairie and ranch-style homes, log cabins and townhouses, bungalows set up in the estates around the city, all through to beach houses with their eclectic porches, our house cleaning team will give your property the care it deserves, and deliver quality results.


  • End Of Tenancy Cleaning

The tenancy agreement stipulates how things need to be left before you move out. Otherwise the landlord will be within their rights to organise for the issues to be resolved, and send you the bill- which they simply deduct from your security deposit. The different sections of the house need to be attended to. Take the kitchen for instance. One needs to remove the food crumbs in the cupboard and shelves, clean the washing machine and dishwasher to remove grime build-ups, thoroughly wash the refrigerator both inside and out, all through to units like the oven. That’s just the kitchen. There’s the living room, bathroom windows, walls, hallways and floors that need to be attended to. Calling in the end of tenancy cleaning experts will take the burden off your back.


  • Once Off Cleaning

You won’t have to lift a finger, and will still get to ensure that a thorough deep clean has been carried out all over your home. Our once off cleaning team takes away the burden of the process, which would have otherwise been an arduous chore that would have consumed loads of your time and energy. By hiring our services you get to free yourself to engage in your heart’s desire, and still obtain high quality results at the end of the process.


House Cleaning Kilternan

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