House Cleaning Monkstown - Heavy Duty House Cleaning Services
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House Cleaning Monkstown

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Monkstown

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Eco domestic cleaning company with many years experience. One of the very few house cleaning companies that are only using eco cleaning products. Affordable cleaning services & premium results guaranteed. Book our services online


House Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust

A dirty and chaotic house is a distraction. It takes away your peace of mind. You can barely relax when you are surrounded by dirt spots, there are stains riddling your floors and furniture sets, and odours reeking up the interior space. Even your sleep patterns get affected, what with the constant nagging thought at the back of your mind of pending chores that waiting for your attention. What of guests? For those friends and relatives coming over to catch up over coffee or a lunch date, they will no doubt be taken aback when they find your premises in a dishevelled state. It reflects poorly on your personality. Some even go as far as cancelling these dates so that they won`t be put on the spotlight and forced to justify themselves. It doesn`t need to be that way. Calling in the professional house cleaning team will restore the elegance to your residence.

Apartment Cleaning
You want to raise your family in a healthy space. As such, the apartment cleaning process incorporates disinfectants that sanitise the surfaces, killing the pathogens crawling around. These are the likes of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), a strain whose resistance to antibiotics makes treatment difficult, the infamous E. Coli that’s a common cause for intestinal illnesses, Norovirus which is the leading cause of infectious gastroenteritis within the UK, all though to C. diff that causes diarrhoea, ulcers and the colon bleeding out. The different surfaces are worked on, to sanitise them and keep your loved ones safe.

House Cleaning
Our crew is up to the task, handling the different house cleaning needs for the numerous styles of architecture. These are the likes of log cabins whose popularity was already widespread as far back as the 1600s, Cape Cod homes with windows that flank the front door and dormer windows up at the top, Art Deco homes with smooth stucco walls and flat roofing, Bungalow and Craftsman style homes which typically have low-pitched roofs and wide front porches, contemporary and modern architecture where the style changes with what’s trending, all through to Colonial era designs with their evenly spaced shuttered windows or the specific Dutch Colonial architecture with its broad gambrel roof that resembles a barn house, plus the standard bungalows and cottage homes.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
People move for different reasons. There are those with growing families who want a larger space with more rooms for the kids, those whose children have moved out to college and are starting a life of their own- the empty nesters looking to downsize, you may have got a job transfer or you want to move to a location that’s closer to family. Issues like security also come up, and the occasional clashes with the neighbour, where one wants to find a more peaceful and conducive place. Then there are those simply looking to experience new cultures, away from the norm. As you move out, you want to leave things in your current residence left in good condition. This is to avoid disputes, and get your security deposit back. That’s where our end of tenancy cleaning services come in.

Once Off Cleaning
The through once off cleaning processes that are carried out will restore the beauty to your home, and also increase the energy efficiency of the residence. The gunk in the vents and filters of the HVAC system, soiling on the windows, to the grime affecting the functionality of appliances- it`s got rid of, enabling systems to run more efficiently. For instance, when the condenser coils of the refrigerator get dirty, more energy is used to keep the cycles longer, while also increasing your bills. This is resolved with an in-depth clean.


House Cleaning Mount Merrion

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