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House Cleaning Mount Merrion

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Mount Merrion

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Are you looking for a reliable house cleaning company company? Would you like to use a professional cleaning company that covers the whole range of domestic cleaning services & commercial cleaning services? Book Rombis Cleaning LTD right now!


Get Your House Cleaned Professionally

Ensuring that your house is in a hygienic state is key to protecting your family. The dirt and grime that piles up brings with it risks due to the colonies of pathogens that it sustains. There is everything from the bacteria feeding on the food particles, to those germs that are coughed and sneezed into the interior space when someone is ill, landing on the upholstery, hard surfaces, all through to the carpeting. They can survive in these regions for long, and cause infections once they get into the body. Your loved ones may be exposed to strains ranging from E. coli, Listeria, all through to Salmonella, Shigella and even superbugs like MRSA. Regular house cleaning sessions will enable you to ensure the residence is sanitised.

Apartment Cleaning
We have invested in quality tools to deliver a thorough job on each apartment cleaning session. The Equipment gets to every nook and cranny of the premises, and the products used dissolve those stubborn stains and dirt spots, and neutralise the odours, restoring the beauty to your home. From the ceiling corners and the crevices in the furniture, the grime hidden in the edges of the closets, scale under the rim of the toilet bowl, to the gunk that’s buried deep within the carpet fibres, the systems used get to them all. Waterfed poles to get to the high rise windows, hot water extraction systems, autoscrubbers, scrappers, high-powered vacuums- our crew come well equipped to handle the diverse needs.

House Cleaning
Our house cleaning services are available to the diverse range of residential establishments. Be they Cape Cod homes with their wooden clapboards, shutters or even shingle exteriors, English cottages that are cosy and modest, those residences featuring the symmetrical order of Georgian architecture, log cabins that are popular for vacation homes, or even Mediterranean style homes that are influenced by the sunny countries located on the rims of the Mediterranean sea, Mid-Century Modern styles that draw from the interior and graphic developments of the mid-20th century, our crew will arrive at your premises at the scheduled time, and hit the ground running to deliver quality results in moments.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
With your security deposit at stake, you want to ensure that the end of tenancy cleaning is carried out to professional standards. This involves dealing with the numerous areas in the residence- from the sinks, toilet, mirrors, and shower walls in the bathroom, getting rid of the limescale deposits that could have built up in the shower head, working on the windows to remove the dirt spots and smudges, washing down the walls and giving the furniture a thorough clean. Heading to the kitchen, there’s everything from the cupboards and shelves, to units like the refrigerator and oven that demand for your attention. All this while you still have the rest of the moving activities to carry out- like planning for the transport of your items and dealing with your utility companies as you change addresses. Let our end of tenancy cleaning crew take care of the task for you and deliver the quality results expected.

Once Off Cleaning
You don’t want rookies trooping around in your home putting your investment at risk. You want to deal with a team that you can trust. Our once off cleaning team has undergone rigorous training, and have had years of experience providing home care services. That way you can be sure that the appropriate products and systems will be applied for the different cleaning measures. What’s more, our services are licensed and insured, and our customer ratings and reviews are further testament of the level of professionalism with which we carry out our services.


House Cleaning Mount Merrion

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