House Cleaning Palmerstown - Reliable House Cleaners Palmerstown
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House Cleaning Palmerstown

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Palmerstown

House Cleaning Palmerstown


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Low cost domestic cleaning company. Fully insured local cleaning specialist. Book a nice deep clean from only 130 euro. Have your carpets or your windows deep cleaned from only 50 euro. We are open for business 24/7


Getting Your Home Cleaned Professionally

Dirt and grime can make even the most elegant home deplorable and uninviting. Coating the various surfaces in the residence, it makes them dull and forlorn taking away their appeal. From the countertops and cabinets to the walls and floors, the layers of dirt ruin the intricate colour patterns that have been set up, and make the interior space feel cramped up and dingy. Add to this the odours that permeate through the rooms making the space unbearable, plus the allergens, pollutants and pathogens that actually have physical effects on the family members. Then there’s the frustration that comes from feeling that things are getting out of hand in your own home. Restore that charm to your residence by hiring the house cleaning professionals.

Apartment Cleaning
The cleaning systems and products used get rid of the grime, cutting through those dirt pots and stripping away the grease from the surfaces with ease. Stains from food and drink spills, those doodles made by kids on the walls and floors as they play, fur and dander plus urine stains from your pet, fingerprint smudges that are on the mirrors, all through to the lime and urine scale in the toilet- they are all got rid of by the apartment cleaning crew, restoring the elegance to your residence. With drying measures also carried out, normalcy gets to be restored fast.

House Cleaning
The diverse homes, coming with their features that set them apart, are all covered by our cleaning services. Be it the modern architecture that has designs picked up from developments that that arose after World War II, those with Mountain architecture featuring a rugged outer surface and outsized windows that give nicer views, the Prairie style that is designed with its horizontal lines and flat roofing that has overhanging eaves, or even Ranch residences designed with their lengthy ground floor plans, Shingle styled homes that have varying types of shakes where they can be split or sawn, you can turn to our professional house cleaning crew to take care of your needs.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Cleaning the countertops, skirting boards, and the walls, wiping the switches, lampshades and light fittings, getting rid of the grime on the tables, washrooms and cupboards, and also polishing the surfaces, cleaning the windows- from the glass to the panes, frames and sills, getting to the bathroom areas from the shower and tub to the toilet, the oven and dishwasher in the kitchen- there is plenty that needs to be done. In the hectic process that is the move, taking it on all by yourself will affect the quality of the results. Have the task handled professionally by bringing in our end of tenancy cleaning personnel.

Once Off Cleaning
You won`t need to lift a finger. The once off cleaning team takes away the hustle and frustration of giving your residence an in-depth wash, and you get to save on your time and energy. Free yourself to engage in other activities, while still obtaining the high standards of results that you expect at the end of the session.


House Cleaning Palmerstown

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