House Cleaning Portmarnock - Once Off House Cleaning Services
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House Cleaning Portmarnock

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Portmarnock

House Cleaning Portmarnock


Low cost house cleaning services in Sandyford. Rombis Cleaning LTD is a well established house cleaning company with over 12 years experience. We specialise in deep house cleaning services and once off cleaning services. We are fully insured and highly recommended.


Our cleaning services:


House cleaning company Portmarnock

Apartment cleaning company Portmarnock

End of tenancy cleaning services Portmarnock

Once off cleaning services Portmarnock

Carpet cleaning company Portmarnock

Sofa cleaning company Portmarnock

Office cleaning services Portmarnock

Power washing services Portmarnock

Commercial cleaning company Portmarnock

Window cleaning company Portmarnock

Floor cleaning company Portmarnock

Industrial cleaning company Portmarnock


Call In The Specialist House Cleaning Team

“Have a seat, and make yourself feel at home,” – the welcoming words guests receive when they walk into a home- and they are well-intentioned. You want your neighbours, friends and relatives to be comfortable when they are in your house. However, what happens when there are dirt spots and allergens all over? From reactions like coughing and sneezing, to the guests being worried that the stains or pet fur on the furniture will get transferred onto their clothes the moment they sit down- it will put them on edge. Those odours coming from the bathrooms and hanging in the air, to those that are wafting up from the carpeting underfoot- it sets an unconducive atmosphere. That is certainly not how you want things to be. Get them back on the right track by ensuring a thorough house cleaning is carried out.

Apartment Cleaning
You want a healthy home, where your family members can flourish. You don`t want your kids picking contaminants like insect residue that`s on the carpet as they play around or yourself getting affected by the allergens that are chocking up your furniture. In case there are persons who are ill in the household, as they cough and sneeze the pathogens get spread into the interior space, settling on the various surfaces. Those frequently touched areas from light switches to toilet flush handles are a grime haven. As such, the apartment cleaning process incorporates the use of disinfectants to kill off the microbes, with the in-depth cleaning getting rid of the allergens and the rest of the dirt.

House Cleaning
We clean both the interiors and exteriors of the different kinds of homes. Spanish Colonial revival architecture drawing on the pueblos and missions of the West, Tudor Revival homes with their herringbone brickwork and half-timbering, Craftsman style with its deep eaves and exposed rafters, French Provincial homes that are proportionally balanced and typically feature brick exteriors, and Provincial Realism designs borrowing whimsical elements from childhood fables and fairy tales, to Mid-Century Modern architecture, cottages, contemporary designs and ranch-style homes, our team will give your home a thorough clean.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Have your tenants just moved out of the property? As a landlord, ensuring that it’s in optimal condition, from the curb appeal to the interior of the residence, is key to attracting new tenants. They want to be sure that the property is well taken care of, since that’s where they’ll be living. The end of tenancy cleaning services will leave the premises sparkling, enabling you to generate leads, and encourage interested parties to seal deals on the property and move in. It bolsters your marketing efforts, and even sets a precedence or how your new tenants will be treating the property, keeping it clean throughout their occupancy, thus protecting your investment.

Once Off Cleaning
Green cleaning is a global wave, aimed at supporting efforts to protect the environment. Our once off cleaning services are part of this, with biodegradable products and sustainable processes being used for the services.


House Cleaning Portmarnock

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