House Cleaning Portobello - End Of Tenancy Cleaning From 130 Euro
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House Cleaning Portobello

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Portobello

House Cleaning Portobello


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Our minimum order for domestic cleaning services start from only 120 euro. You can book carpet cleaning services, window cleaning services or sofa cleaning services from only 50 euro. Eco cleaning products. Fully insured cleaning service. Professional cleaning company with over 12 years experience.


Expert Cleaning For Domestic Settings

Being greeted by stains and odours as soon as you walk into your home can ruin your mood. Odours chocking up the rooms are frustrating and an embarrassment. How will you explain with the deplorable state of things to guests when they come over? Your own health and that of your loved ones is also put on the line. The grime coating the surfaces in your home is a habitat for numerous kinds of pathogens. The organic waste such as food particles is a magnet for insects and rodents which bring with them more microbes and pests. Add to this the allergens that are building up, from everyday dust to the increasing concentrations of pet fur and dander. These are not the conditions you want to live in. Turn things around by booking a house cleaning session.

Apartment Cleaning
With our apartment cleaning services, you get to protect the different installations in your home- from the painted walls, to the tiled surfaces and finished flooring. The processes used get rid of the grime that degrades the surfaces and carpet fibres, enabling you to cut down on costs of repair a replacement. You get to enjoy them for longer too. Done regularly, it avoids situations such as pests like rodents being attracted to the interior space by the food crumbs that are strewn all over. The odours are neutralised and the source of the smell got rid of, enhancing the ambience of the space.

House Cleaning
Each establishment comes with its specialised features, from the Craftsman styled homes with designs picked up from the 19th century evolutions in architecture- and typically feature overhanging beams, shingled siding, and rafters in the open porches that have projecting eaves, English Cottages where there is a ground floor and the bedrooms fit inside the roof space, plus farmhouses with the porch stretching out on the front area of the house, and wrapping around to either side, all through to Federal Colonial homes that have plain surfaces featuring isolated panels and friezes, and even ranch-style homes with their asymmetrical exteriors. Whichever the situation, our house cleaning team will have it covered.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
As a tenant, you need to adhere to your rental agreement because it is legally binding, and if you want to get your security deposit returned to you upon the expiry of your lease. This includes that ensuring that the premises is clean, with the conditions meeting the check-in inventory that will be used during the inspection. From the bathroom surfaces such as the sinks, shower walls all through to the toilet bowl, the kitchen countertops, oven and even the rubbish bin, the furniture and carpet in the living room and bedroom, to the windows, doors and even skirting boards, you want them to be thoroughly clean, and that can be achieved by hiring the end of tenancy cleaning professionals.

Once Off Cleaning
With our services you get to go about your duties with the peace of mind that your property is in safe hands. Our once off cleaning personnel have undergone rigorous training and come with years of experience to ensure that the job is done right. The dirt spots, stains and odours are removed without damaging the surfaces of materials being cleaned.


House Cleaning Portobello

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