House Cleaning Rathcoole - Once Off House Cleaners In Rathcoole
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House Cleaning Rathcoole

Rombis Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Rathcoole

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Are you looking for a reliable house cleaning company company? Would you like to use a professional cleaning company that covers the whole range of domestic cleaning services & commercial cleaning services? Book Rombis Cleaning LTD right now!


Bringing Back The Shine To Your House

Dirt, from the build-ups on the hard surfaces like countertops and floors, the soft and cosy furnishings, or the lush carpet, is a haven for numerous strains of germs. These put your family members at risk. From Campylobacter and Listeria, Salmonella and Shigella to viruses like the Norovirus, and even parasites such as those brought into the building by pets- these are a threat to the family members. The food particles strewn all over attract insects like cockroaches and rodents like mice, which in turn comes with pathogens and pests on their bodies, plus those that are deposited in their faecal residue. You want your family to be safe, especially in the home which is where a lot of time will be spent. A thorough cleaning and sanitation is vital for this.

Apartment Cleaning
For those in the property market- landlords and letting agents looking for buyers or tenants for their property, or individual home owners putting the apartment out on the market, you want to attract as many interested parties as possible The higher the demand for the space, the more profitable your real estate venture will be. In this industry, image is everything. Persons checking out the property will visualise themselves living in it, and you don`t want dirt and smudges coming in the way of that. Stains on the surfaces, dusty ceilings, a grimy oven or slimy bathroom surfaces- they all erode your marketing efforts. You want to put yourself in a better position to generate leads and seal deals, and that can be achieved with a thorough apartment cleaning.

House Cleaning
Whether it is a residence out in the woods, such as the log cabins used by the property owners as getaway homes during their vacations or hunting trips, townhouses in the middle of the bustling city, a farmhouse out in the countryside or even houses-on-wheels such as the caravans that are drawn by trucks, our crew will take care of your house cleaning needs. The modern-era contemporary homes where there is plenty of emphasis on energy efficiency and green living, Mid-Century Modern designs, to those modelled after architectural styles in the past such as the Victorian and Georgian eras- we attended to the various types of residences, aiming to deliver satisfactory results in each cleaning session.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
As you prepare to move out of your residence, the tenancy agreement includes clauses on how the premises should be left. That is vital in order for you to get your security deposit back. A thorough cleaning is needed, taking care of the surfaces in the kitchen, from the cupboards and shelves, units like the dishwasher, oven and washing machine, to dealing with the carpeting and furniture in the living room, washing down the bathtub, toilet, tiles and grout, plus sinks and mirrors in the bathroom, clearing plug holes and drains, getting the limescale deposits out of the drain gate, shower head and taps- it’s an involving process. You want to ensure that it is done to quality standards, and that’s a job for our end of tenancy cleaning crew.

Once Off Cleaning
Deep cleaning the house can be a monstrous chore. Without tough acting products and high-powered systems for the task, it will only take longer. Leaving it to our once off cleaning team takes the burden off your back. They will carry out the task to quality results, restoring the elegance to your home while freeing you to partake in activities that you actually enjoy


House Cleaning Rathcoole

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