House Cleaning Rush - Deep House & Apartment Cleaning Services
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House Cleaning Rush

House Cleaning Rush

House Cleaning Rush

House Cleaning Rush


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Have your house cleaned by one of the most recommended house cleaning company in Rush. We are fully insured and happy to contract single units or bulk. Rombis Cleaning Ltd is using eco cleaning products from Cleanfast. Book our cleaning services online. Deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning & window cleaning services from only 50 euro.


House Cleaning Rush

A dirty house is uncomfortable. It takes away your peace of mind. How will you be able to concentrate on your tasks when there are foul odours hanging in the air, ruining the ambience? How will you be able to relax guilt-free, when each time you look across the room your eyes are met with stains that demand your attention? Add to this the allergens that cause itching, coughs and sneezes, resulting in physical discomfort. They can even trigger asthma attacks and worsen conditions like eczema. You want to bring up your kids in a healthy environment, not surrounded by pathogens residing in the furniture, carpets, mattress, and other surfaces in the residence. Regular house cleaning services will bring back your peace of mind and enable you to protect your loved ones.

House Cleaning Rush – Apartment Cleaning
The heavy-duty machinery that our team uses for the process ensures that a deep and thorough clean is carried out in each apartment cleaning session. The combination of quality machinery and tough acting cleaning agents breaks through those stubborn stains, dislodges and washes away the gunk that is adhered to the hard surfaces or fibres of items like carpets. The high power ratings with the vacuuming, scrubbing and extraction makes the processes be carried out fast without compromising on the required quality of the results. In addition to removing the source of odours, solutions with odour-neutralising properties are also incorporated into the process, leaving your home clean, with a fresh look and feel.

House Cleaning Rush – House Cleaning
Our services are available for the various residences, ranging from detached houses popular for their enhanced privacy, semi-detached where the homeowners get to save on space and the houses are paired together by common walls, terraced houses common in the old industrial towns that provide high-density accommodation, cottages that purposely come with thick walls in order to withstand the cold of the winter, and have distinctive low ceilings, bungalows that are a common feature in the suburbs, all through to ranch-style residences that have open floor plans and easy connections with the outdoors, Prairie set-ups and even the expansive manors, to mobile houses such as the caravans drawn by trucks.

House Cleaning Rush – End Of Tenancy Cleaning
We’ll give the premises a thorough clean to ensure that you meet the requirements of the lease agreement in order to get back your security deposit. Our personnel will attend to the furniture, carpets and skirting boards, clean the switches, lampshades plus other light fittings in the residence, wipe down the fireplace and the adjacent space, clean and polish tables, wardrobes and sinks, work on both the interior and exterior of the windows, including the frames and the window sills, remove those cobwebs on the ceiling corners, work on those units in the kitchen that have built up grime over time- such as the dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven, and even get to descaling the bathroom surfaces and getting rid of the soap deposits.

House Cleaning Rush – Once Off Cleaning
We all have a responsibility to take care of the environment. This is why today, more than ever, people are turning to sustainable systems in the various aspect of their day-to-day activities. Our once off cleaning services are designed to fit into this. The products use are tough on the dirt and stains, but safe for the ecosystem.


House Cleaning Rush

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