House Cleaning Shankill - Once Off Cleaning From Only 130 Euro
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House Cleaning Shankill

House Cleaning Shankill

House Cleaning Shankill

House Cleaning Shankill


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Have your house cleaned by one of the most recommended house cleaning company in Skerries. We are fully insured and happy to contract single units or bulk. Rombis Cleaning Ltd is using eco cleaning products from Cleanfast. Book our cleaning services online. Deep house cleaning services from only 130 euro. Carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning & window cleaning services from only 50 euro.


House Cleaning Shankill

You work hard to make a living, and you deserve to come back to a clean home at the end of the day. You want to be able to relax as you spend quality time with your family, and catch up on your days events. Your house is where you raise your family, and you don`t want it being a germ haven. It`s where you host guests- from friends and neighbours to your relatives, and you don`t want them being affected by allergens when they come over. What`s more, after spending all that time and resources getting the suitable furnishings, draperies, floor installation and even paintwork that meets your taste, you don`t want to watch your efforts going down the drain simply because of the grime that builds up. Regular house cleaning services will enable you to ensure that things are always on track at your residence.

House Cleaning Shankill – Apartment Cleaning
Our crew uses specialist machinery to deliver quality results. Dusting technology, microfiber tools, extraction machinery, and even polishing systems are all incorporated into the various parts of the apartment cleaning process. Tough acting products quickly dissolve the stubborn stains that have formed on the surfaces, thorough scrubbing dislodges the grime particles adhering to the fibres of the materials like carpets, and descaling agents get those spots out of your sinks and toilet bowls. Odour neutralising products are also used, tackling the stenches that were fouling up interior space. They also leave pleasant fragrances in their wake.

House Cleaning Shankill – House Cleaning
You want your home to receive specialised care. Our house cleaning crew will give it an in-depth wash, attending to the various surfaces, in both the interior and exterior, delivering quality results each time. Be it a detached or semi-detached house, townhouses in the city, cottages and farmhouses out in the countryside, bungalows in the suburbs, the large villas and manors, log cabins where you spend your vacation or lease out to tourists, or a Mid-Century modern house, contemporary house with all its features promoting green living, and architecture that takes one back in time such as the Victorian era or Dutch Colonial designs, you can rest assured that it will receive proper care.

House Cleaning Shankill – End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Had you leased a space and are now in the process of moving out? Perhaps you are a landlord or letting agent dealing with a home that has recently been vacated, or in the business of leasing out vacation rentals or holiday lets. Whichever the case, there is plenty of work that needs to be carried out- from kitchen cleaning where you`re working on appliances such as the fridge, dishwasher and oven, surfaces from the countertops and walls to the floor itself, the furniture out in the living and dining rooms, the carpets, rugs, windows and light fittings, to the shower surfaces, sink, mirror and toilet in the bathroom. Ensure that it is done to professional standards by calling in our end of tenancy cleaning crew.

House Cleaning Shankill – Once Off Cleaning
That grime piling up on your appliances affects their energy efficiency. From the greasy residue on the stove top reflectors, the grime on the condenser coils of the refrigerator, to the dirt and gunk in the vents and filters of the air and conditioning systems- they need to be got rid of. This is carried out during the once off cleaning operations, enabling you to make savings on your energy bills.


House Cleaning Shankill

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