House Cleaning Skerries - Deep Cleaning Services From 120 euro!
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House Cleaning Skerries

House Cleaning Skerries

House Cleaning Skerries

House Cleaning Skerries


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Have your house cleaned by one of the most recommended house cleaning company in Skerries. We are fully insured and happy to contract single units or bulk. Rombis Cleaning Ltd is using eco cleaning products from Cleanfast. Book our cleaning services online!


House Cleaning Skerries 

No doubt you want your home to be elegant. After all, it is where you spend a huge portion of your life, and where you raise your family in. You host guests and share those precious memories with your significant other. It`s where you come back to relax after a hectic day at work, and the ambiance should be inviting and accommodating. You don`t want to be welcomed by stains and dirt pots when you get home, or be forced to endure pungent odours fouling up the interior space. You also don`t want your guests squeezing onto the sections of your furniture that don`t have stains, simply because they fear that the material forming the stains will get transferred onto their clothes. Professional house cleaning services will enable you to eliminate the source of your troubles.

House Cleaning Skerries – Apartment Cleaning
Dirt and grime put the health of your household members on the line. Take the living room and bedroom for instance. There are allergens on the surfaces from dust mite waste, to pet fur and dander. Then there are the pathogens crawling all over high-risk areas such as the bathroom surfaces, to where food is handled, bringing the risk of your family members getting infected. For instance, raw meat and vegetable products on the kitchen countertop are a common source of bacteria like E.Coli and Salmonella. Heading over to the carpet, the gunk being hoarded in the fibres contains microbes that your kids can easily pick up as they play around on it. Pets are also known to bring in pests like fleas into the household. An in-depth apartment cleaning is vital to get rid of these agents and protect your loved ones.

House Cleaning
The dirt piling up the interiors and exteriors of your home are got rid of. Cottages with their thick walls, low ceilings and the classic timber pillars, detached or semi-detached bungalows, terrace houses that are situated in a long row of houses, log cabins where the property owners choose to make them their vacation homes, or even rent them out to tourists for extra income, in-law suites where there are sections of the house like the basement that are leased out, to Mid-Century Modern houses that come with designs from the Art and Crafts movement that spawned new architectural setups, to those with styles that go way back to the Victorian era- they all receive a quality clean.

House Cleaning Skerries – End Of Tenancy Cleaning
These services are available for tenants who are moving out of the residence, landlords looking to spruce up the premises after the previous occupants vacated it- in readiness to lease it out again, all through to persons who rent out holiday lets or vacation rentals. The detailed cleaning covers the different sections of the establishment- from the cupboards, drawers, soap dispenser, rubbish bin, countertop, oven, fridge and dishwasher in the kitchen, the sinks, mirror, shower screen, water closet and bidet in the bathroom, the furniture, light fittings and carpet in the living room to the skirting boards, ceiling, curtain rails, doors and windows of the residence.

House Cleaning Skerries – Once Off Cleaning
You get high quality services without punching a hole through your wallet. The once off cleaning costs are affordable, and meet your specific needs, such as the rooms you want cleaned- their number and size, the units in that need a thorough scrubbing- such as with ovens and microwaves, and even the type and size of the carpets in your home.


House Cleaning Skerries

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