House Cleaning Stepaside - Carpet, Sofa, House & Apartment Cleaning
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House Cleaning Stepaside

House Cleaning Stepaside

House Cleaning Stepaside

House Cleaning Stepaside


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Low cost domestic cleaning company. Fully insured local cleaning specialist. Book a nice deep clean from only 130 euro. Have your carpets or your windows deep cleaned from only 50 euro. We are open for business 24/7/


House Cleaning Stepaside

Dirt is the bane of any living space. It ruins the decor, with the stains distorting the intricate colour patterns of the carpeting, floor, walls, worktops and paintwork, and the dust layers that build up causing the surfaces to appear dull and unkempt. The odours permeating from the washrooms, the decaying organic matter thatâ is hidden on the carpets fibres or the furniture upholstery deteriorates things further. You don’t want this to be your reality. After you spent so much time and resources setting up the decor that matches your taste, you don`t want your efforts to go down the drain. Professional house cleaning services come in to ensure that things don’t take this route.

House Cleaning Stepaside – Apartment Cleaning
The longer that dirt and grime are allowed to accumulate, the more bugs it attracts into the residence. These range from the microscopic bacteria feeding on the decaying organic matter, to the larger insects and rodents. These put the health of your loved ones at risk. Common microbes that reside in homes include the E. coli bacterium, responsible for intestinal illness, MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), whose resistance to antibiotics makes its treatment difficult, Norovirus, also known as winter vomiting bug, which is a leading cause of infectious gastroenteritis, and Clostridium difficult (C. diff), which causes diarrhoea. The disinfecting that is carried out during the apartment cleaning sets a healthy environment for your family.

House Cleaning Stepaside – House Cleaning
Each residence is attended to for a deep and thorough clean of the surfaces- including both the interior and exterior. These range from Tudor style homes featuring grouped windows, gable roofs, and masonry chimneys, architecture right out of the Georgian era that is heavily influenced by Roman culture and typically has panelled doors and high ceilings, those from the Victorian with their terracotta tiles, sizeable mantelpieces for ornaments and multi-coloured brickwork, and even the Art Deco styles that emphasizes on modernity, innovation and simplicity, all through to the popular bungalows and cottages, log cabins in the woods and townhouses in the urban jungle, and even the farmhouses that are out in the countryside.

House Cleaning Stepaside – End Of Tenancy Cleaning
You want to get your security deposit back at the end of your lease arrangement with your landlord. For this, the property needs to be returned back to the condition you found it in when you moved in, which requires a thorough end of tenancy cleaning to be carried out. From getting rid of the stains that are on the countertops, walls and floors, the residue in the rubbish bin, descaling the sinks, shower surfaces and water closet, removing the layers of grime that build up in appliances like the oven and dishwasher, to washing the carpet, windows, and the upholstery. Calling in our professional crew will ensure that the job gets done to the required standards of results.

House Cleaning Stepaside – Once Off Cleaning
The responsibility to protect the planet rests on each of our shoulders. We all have a role to play in safeguarding Mother Nature, for the benefit of future generations. Our services are structured around this, which is why we use eco-friendly products and processes during the once off cleaning. That way, you get a sparkling home and simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint.


House Cleaning Stepaside

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